Wowsers! What a task the Pitch It! Competition team have had this year! This is the second year of running the competition and we are absolutely delighted with its increased reach, enthusiasm and support from the kidlit community. Thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort to enter their pitches!

Our team of judges took on the difficult task of scoring through a wide variety and high calibre of entries, each within their own categories of picture books, junior fiction and middle grade, to young adult. Massive thanks to our judges, whom, with careful consideration, approached each pitch with professionalism, objectivity and equality. Greatest appreciation goes to Debra Tidball and Kellie Byrnes (picture books), Pamela Ueckerman and Julie Anne Grasso (junior fiction / middle grade), and Kate Gordon and Nadia L King (young adult) for your tireless marking of a combined total of over 150 entries!

So, for each category, we have formulated three longlists of the TOP pitches. Congratulations to all!

Picture Book Category

A Very Sticky Situation – C.Morgan

Dream Battles – K.Hendriks

Duke and Snickers Make a Bucket List – A.Weller

Float or Sink? – K.Covark

Grandad Wears Lipstick – S.Atkins

Growing Wild – K.Covark

Hugh and the Poo – H.Coates

Jeffery’s Dress – J.Mullen

Little Walla: True Roo – M.Crock

Mud Pie – J.Stampone

No Hat Pat – C.Fitzgerald

No Mums Allowed – C.Meatheringham

Sarah’s Sea – C.Meatheringham

Shawn the Yawn – K.Talbot

Slug and Duck – L.Ledden

Tamiko – C.Thomas

The Black – S.Wardrop

The Boy and the Bird – S.Fraser

The First Day of December – K.Munro

The Plucky Plover – M.McGay

The Secret Life of Henrietta Penfeather – A.Byrd

Tilly and the Terrible Troll – H.Gallagher

Time Out – J.Stampone

Toot Fairy – N.Bird

Willa Waggles – A.Bilston

William Loves Words – K.Baillie

You’re a Monster (But I Love You) – I.Elkner


Junior Fiction / Middle Grade Category

Dolsa Bones – R.Sharpe

Dreaming of Bollywood – C.Lander

Gretel’s Despair – A.Byrd

Jessica Dean – Amphibian Rising – L.McDermott

Locked in Hollins Department Store – D.Bray

MerTales – Meteor Magic – R.Timmis

Mystica Book 1 – D.Hughes

Nobots – A.Segal

Pepper’s Kitchen – K.Darell

Poppy and the Rescue Puppy – B.Christensen

Rex Makes a Wish – K.Malone

Stella Duke and the Sandgirl’s Curse – S.Brennan

The Girl Who Saved The Future – S.Gemmill

The Grand Old Dude Named York – R.Curnow

The Light – S.Harrison

The Mum for the Job – T.Raffa-Mulligan

The Parent Tamer – T.Raffa-Mulligan

The Sketchy Time Stoppages of Steward Kay – R.Chaney

The Three Stones of Azzaral – D.Ramsay

The Tooth Fairy’s Tree – L.Singh

When Sally met Marie Curie – M.Rivera

Where on Earth IS Mopelia Island – M.Debrett


Young Adult Category

Knock Me Dead – A.Burrows

Life Without Clouds – F.Miller-Stevens

Listen, Don’t Talk – G.Smith

Love. Live. Hero – S.Grantham

Moonlight – K.Sullivan-Rhodes

Ocean Blue – V.Croker

Papaya – L.Atkinson

Scars of Mysticayhem – C.Richer

The Dog Who Saved Me – B.Castles

The Grand Old Dude Named York – R.Curnow

The Grim Wars – J.Kuppan

The Lifters – A.Hardcastle


Congratulations again! Look out soon for the Pitch It! Competition Shortlist! 

Good Luck! 🙂


To see the competition guidelines and list of prizes, please head to the following link:

6 thoughts to “Pitch It! Competition Longlists 2019

  • Norah

    How exciting, Romi. I recognise a few names on the list. Congratulations, everyone!

    • Just Write For Kids

      Very exciting! Thanks, Norah, they’ve all done a marvellous job! 🙂

      • Norah

        That’s right, Romi, all have.

  • ThoughtsBecomeWords

    Well done! Best wishes for the results!

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks Gretchen! It is exciting! 🙂

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