We were absolutely ecstatic with all the unique entries that came in for our Reinventing the Look Illustrator Competition! And extremely appreciative of the time and energy, and of course bundles of talent, put towards making our first competition a success! 

Heartfelt thanks to guest judges, who took their role very seriously, objectively and carefully in their considerations. Shout outs to Renee Price, Debra Tidball, Anil Tortop and Kathy Creamer for assisting me with the difficult decision of picking one winner.

We took into account the community spirit of our kidlit hub; that is, the energy, warmth and support, as well as the re-interpretation of our current banner, with the theme – Australian animals and literature.

We chose the following illustration as our winner:


Jason Howe wins the face of Just Write For Kids Australia, plus choice from a host of promotional services, and a $30 online book voucher! His illustration will be showcased in a number of formats, both digitally and in print. Congratulations, Jason!

We loved his lively, engaged-in-literature and quirky characters, their adorable expressions, the well-balanced composition and the colour palette to suit our website. Jason used digital painting to create his artwork. Visit him at his amazing website: drawnbyjason.com, Facebook and Instagram pages.


We’d also like to give a Special Mention to our youngest entrant for her gorgeous effort, Morgan Donnelly, aged nine. Congratulations, Morgan! We loved your sweet Australian animals and their obvious love of books!


Please head here to enjoy our amazing art gallery of all the entrants’ banners specifically designed for the Just Write For Kids Illustrator Competition.

Thank You and Congratulations to everyone!

Romi xx

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