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We’re back again for another spectacular blog tour! This time we’ll be ‘blog bopping’ through the virtual blogosphere with Ballerina Monkey and its author, Nicole Madigan! Thanks for grooving with us! 🌟 🐒 🌟

Ballerina Monkey, Nicole Madigan (author), Joe M Ruiz (illus.), BlOOturtle Publishing, October 2017.

Besides his love of bananas, more than anything else that Malik the monkey yearns to do is stretch his legs in the form of dance. He has already mastered swinging and sweeping through the trees, and now it’s time for his next challenge. One that has been burning inside him since as long as he can remember. Come glide along in this energetic story of passion and desire, as this young monkey learns to find his feet.

From the creators of Darcy and the Dinosaurs is this honourable tale of belief, dignity and determination that reminds us all of the value of being true to ourselves. Preschoolers, and adults alike, will take away important messages from Ballerina Monkey, as well as enjoy being swept through this fun and lively story.

It all begins when Malik notices the graceful prances of the elegant, pink flamingos on the other side of the river. With his intentions made clear, Malik is only met with snide remarks by his unsupportive friends. However, the encouragement of his mother allows Malik to build up enough courage to seek the dance assistance he needs to succeed. And what we see is a spectacular production of an evolving individual; from unsure and unsteady to radiating and impressive. Despite the others’ taunts and teasing, Malik holds his ground and is finally proud to be called ‘Ballerina Monkey’… just as proud as the King of the Jungle.

This strong character in Malik is met with Nicole Madigan’s compelling storyline and active text. Yet there is still an element of softness that allows the monkey’s gentle soul and that motherly love to shine through. The illustrations embody a boldness that perfectly represents this defining character, and also equally feature a sense of movement to highlight those vulnerable and founding moments.

Ballerina Monkey is a meaningful story on several levels that will have its early years audience leaping in pirouettes and bounds to have it read to them over and over again.

Review by Romi Sharp.

Nicole Madigan can be found at her website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ballerina Monkey can be purchased at blOOturtle Publishing. PLUS with every purchase you will go into the draw to WIN an entire catalogue of books! WOW! 🙂

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