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Bruno, the Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush, Robyn Osborne (author), John Phillips (illus.), Big Sky Publishing, July 2018.


Barefoot Bob and Bruno the Blue Heeler are best buddies.

They live a simple life in the beautiful Aussie bush and life is bonzer! Then one day Bob hits the bonanza and the two friends move to the big smoke.

But is this fancy new life better than the one they had in the bush? And how much trouble can a boisterous, blue dog cause in the big city?


Above all else, here is a tale of friendship that beats even the biggest of bonanzas won at a spring day carnival. Blend that with a bunch of Aussie colloquialism, a bolt of alliteration and a boisterous narrative, and you’re hooked like the bait from Bob’s bucket.

Bruno, the Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush is a rollicking tale packed to the brink with words beginning with ‘b’ and language that challenges even the Aussiest of birds and blokes. Robyn Osborne’s slang is certainly inventive, robust and vivacious, just like her main character Bruno Bright the Blue Heeler; best buddy to Bob the barefoot bushie. John Phillips’ line and colour illustrations are equally as energetic and quirky with their bouncy characters and fun, little surprising details. Words and images a beaut combination for this natively Australian outback caper.

There is definitely a lot for readers to discuss with this story, with some sophisticated adult humour and concepts thrown in there, too. The main premise, however, is the invaluable message that no amount of fame or fortune can replace the bond between two best mates. The simple life in the bush, somewhere between Bandywallop and Bullamakanka, is bonzer for the left-of-centre pair. Brumbies, bantams, baked beans by the billabong, stars blinking in the boundless sky, and simply being together are all they could ask for. But Bob and Bruno find that their lucky ‘booty’ break, hopes for a better life and a move to the big smoke actually turns out to be more bonkers than expected.

Bruno, the Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush explores a fun adventure around Australia with great Aussie lingo and whacky humour and language to keep readers on their toes. It includes strong characterisation, mixing lively antics with expressions of compassion and loyalty. An audience from age six will boggle over the concepts and enjoy getting their tongues in a bind with this engaging and challenging tale. Bonzer!

Teaching notes are available at Big Sky Publishing.

Review by Romi Sharp.


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Bruno, the Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush: Big Sky Publishing | Boomerang Books

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