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Cloud Conductor, Kellie Byrnes (author), Ann-Marie Finn (illus.), Wombat Books, May 2018

Shivers. Goosebumps. Tingles. Fuzzies. All the terms that come to mind to describe the sensations felt during the reading of Cloud Conductor. Kellie Byrnes has effectively orchestrated an emotionally evocative symphony of words that project straight into your heart. Her whimsical phrasing casts the reader’s mind to a place of imagination and a world of peace, where escapism is met with a welcoming ray of sunshine, particularly for the little girl in the story.

For an active, resilient child like Frankie, no illness will hinder her power to control something that gives her strength and hope, triumph and satisfaction like the force of cloud conducting. Despite her wavering health as the seasons roll on, Frankie takes great pleasure in the freedom of swirling clouds in melodic melodies, listening to resounding roars, stirring swooshes and wind whispers. She takes herself to splashy beaches, a thunderous outback and on joyful bicycle rides, all in the sky and in her mind. And best of all, Frankie leaves a lasting legacy to daydreaming children everywhere; that this is a gift to gain insight and improve well-being no matter where you are, or what your situation, in the world.

Ann-Marie Finn’s expertly detailed illustrations match the mood and tonal nuances as each season, and Frankie’s health, move from one state to the next. Her combined use of digital imagery, with pencil and line techniques create that perfect sense of reality versus fantasy – where it is important to see the beauty and wonder in amongst a life that can sometimes seem harsh.

A gentle and touching story portrayed in a sensitive light, Cloud Conductor is reassuring, engaging and enlightening. Early years children will be drawn to its imaginative and dreamy qualities that will encourage sky-gazers all over the galaxy.

Review by Romi Sharp.

Watch the official book trailer by Wombat Books here.

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4 thoughts to “Review: Cloud Conductor by Kellie Byrnes and Ann-Marie Finn

  • Anne Donnelly

    I see clowns, babies, elephants and children all playing together, merging and changing into other things, never static, always fluid, every changing like life.

    • Just Write For Kids

      So fun! Thanks, Anne! 🙂

  • debratidball

    Sounds like such a beautiful book. Today in the clouds I see anger and teardrops (it’s storming!)

    • Just Write For Kids

      Hope the clouds calm down soon! 😉


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