Life is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair, Emily S Smith (author), Graham Davidson (illus.), Storytime Lane, 2018.


‘The life of a chair is a sad, dismal tale,
And when you hear of it, you’ll cry, oh, you’ll wail…’

Chairs get farted on, stood on, and left out in the rain, but is the life of a chair the worst life there is?


From the dynamic duo at Storytime Lane; a wonderful literacy resource supporting children and their families through storytelling videos and meaningful activities, Emily S Smith and Graham Davidson bring a witty yet philosophical picture book tale to light in Life is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair. Preschool-aged children will surely have a giggle, whilst pondering the things they should be grateful for in life.

It’s true. Children can be quick to state, “My life is not fair”, particularly when the grass looks greener on the other side, so to speak. But this light-hearted rhyming story challenges this view. Is life really unfair…when you’re a chair?! Imagine it…to be sat on, farted on, stood on, pooped on by birds, and left outside in the rain. Even having to eat a plate of vegetables is better than that. Smith challenges readers to propose a world beyond their own little bubble, that others just may be a little worse off than them. And then, in a humorous twist, she proposes a life even more cruel than that of the humble chair…despite its ‘royal’-like name!

Davidson’s loosely sketched lines, bright colours and animated furniture all add character and energy to this already whimsical and imaginative tale. Life is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair combines the perfect amount of humour, language development, truth and perspective that definitely makes learning and rationalising fun for children from age four.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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