Magic Fish Dreaming, June Perkins (author), Helene Magisson (illus.), Gumbootspearlz Press, 2016.

“Listen to the fish.
Listen to the water.
Listen to the moonlight.
Watch the twinkle, twinkle of the stars.”

“If you ever found a fairy’s tooth what kind of magic do you think it would do?”

If that description doesn’t stir up evocative thoughts and imaginative wonders then I don’t know what will. June Perkins and Helene Magisson’s Magic Fish Dreaming is a beautifully lyrical and illustrious collection of verse and images that together, powerfully create senses of tranquility, excitement, curiosity and spirit in this unique North Queensland setting.

The introduction quickly stimulates the senses and we are immediately roused into a magical exploration of poems across nature’s diverse landscapes and special nuances. From pensive, secret fishing spots to canvassing the skies, respecting ancient trees and playing make believe. There are discussions with wildlife, including cane toads, and caterpillars, cassowaries and geckos, and appreciation for those that give life and hope, such as storms and rain and soulful moon-reflecting rivers.

The mix of musical lyrics, sensitive dialogue and thoughtful stories effortlessly blend with the mesmerisingly enchanting illustrations to allow us to venture into the cultures and wonderments of the people, creatures, and our own imaginations. Magic Fish Dreaming is a book that will engage the reflectors, the adventurers and the poets in all of us.

Magical for children aged five and up.

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3 thoughts to “Review: Magic Fish Dreaming by June Perkins

  • karenwrites19

    Hey Romi, I enjoyed reading your review of Magic Fish Dreaming, I’m SOLD … Karen 🙂

    • Just Write For Kids

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the review. It’s a beautiful book.
      All the best,
      Romi 🙂

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