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Welcome to the blog blast for Ori’s Christmas and its author, Anne Helen Donnelly! Thanks for coming along for the ride! It’s sure to be a ‘jolly’ good tour! Enjoy! 😊

Ori’s Christmas, Anne Helen Donnelly (author, illus., publisher), October, 2017.

Facing the conundrum of how to please each friend’s wishes, Ori the octopus navigates his way through an armful of demands during what should be the most festive time of the year. But here lies a sweet and meaningful story from the very deepest heart of the sea – a tale of kindness, giving and togetherness; Ori’s Christmas.

Following on from the original, Ori the Octopus, in Anne Donnelly’s gentle and vibrant series, we delve into the world of Ori and his marine mates at Christmas time. Generously inviting them to join him on Christmas Day, Ori’s friends agree but with their own conditions. And what follows is a moaning, grumbling barrage of unhappy guests. The festive activities, of which us, the readers, are invited to role play, are promptly overthrown with comments like, ‘I don’t like singing’, and ‘I really don’t want my photo taken’. But fortunately for Ori, his friends have a change of heart and decide that compromise, negotiation and acceptance of one another’s interests are important for a jolly and joyous outcome.

Anne has developed a beautifully creative book by capturing many special elements that make this season so cheerful. Young children will be enraptured with the kinds of activities mentioned but will especially enjoy the interaction to complete the actions. There is also the inclusion of a Christmas decoration arts and crafts section centred inside the book. Anne’s digital and watercolour illustrations are equally lively, bright and reflect a sweet simplicity that children from age two can identify with. Complete with parent / teacher notes, and the themes of cooperation and thoughtfulness, Ori’s Christmas is a warm and well-considered book perfect for self-reflection and celebration this festive season.

Review by Romi Sharp.

Ori’s Christmas is available for purchase in the Just Kids’ Lit Shop here.

Anne Donnelly can be found at her fun, interactive website and Facebook page.

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  • Anne Donnelly

    What a wonderful review – thank you Romi.

    • Just Write For Kids

      My pleasure, Anne! It’s fun to write reviews about fun books! 🙂


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