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Who Dresses God?, Teena Raffa-Mulligan (author), Veronica Rooke (illus.), Sea Song Publications, November 2018 (2nd Ed.).


This gentle story is a conversation about God between a mother and child. Told from the child’s perspective, the series of questions and answers in rhyme introduces young children to the idea of a higher being that can see, hear and speak without eyes, ears or tongue, and does not live in a house with roof, walls and locking doors.

For God’s house is the world we share and God is in it everywhere.’


Children are naturally inquisitive about the world. It is this curiosity that allows them to inquire further into the unknown. But how do you explain the world and a being that transcends above and all around us without a physical presence to grasp the very concept of? Author Teena Raffa-Mulligan expertly does just that with her delicate and sensitive story that gives young readers a solid understanding of this higher being that is God, and without any kind of religious preaching.

A divine young soul, inspired by Teena’s own daughter when she was little, asks her mother, ‘Who Dresses God?’, ‘Who irons His clothes?’, and ‘Who reads to God and tucks Him in…’ It is from here that we get a sense for the inextricable bond and care that a mother offers her child, since, after all, perhaps even the Almighty might need someone to take care of Him! Narrated from the child’s perspective in gorgeous lyrical rhyming couplets, her mum explains how ‘God’s house has no walls or floors, roof or windows, locking doors… for God’s house is this world we share and God is in it everywhere.’ They explore the diversity around their neighbourhood and the beautiful wonders of nature that is all of God’s creation. And sure, with more questioning for how He can hear, see and speak with no ears, eyes or tongue, there will be facets of life that are quite difficult to answer. But Raffa-Mulligan certainly leaves her young audience with a heartwarming sense that having belief, hope and trust, loving and being loved transcend above any unanswered questions, for family and caring for our planet and everyone and everything in it are most important of all.

Along with the gentle lyrics are the sublime, softly painted illustrations by Veronica Rooke. Her subdued tones with pops of red and yellow create a wonderfully serene yet uplifting feel. Rooke has also portrayed a pure innocence around this wide-eyed small character so curious about the surrounding heavenly world.

Who Dresses God? is a loving, encouraging tale with plenty of spirit and thought-provoking, philosophical concepts that will connect with readers on different levels. Perfect for families to discuss and share around the festive period, or any time of the year. For all the angelic children from age four.

Review by Romi Sharp.


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