There are some books that really stick in your mind long after you’ve read them. They grip your heart and delve deep to the core. They lift you up and make you realise that those inner most desires are attainable, no matter what challenges are in your way. Just believe in yourself. Here is a book that aims to inspire, empower and encourage a kind of greatness that comes from within.

Once you get past the gore, guts, violence and terror (which young readers seem to love), you’ll find a humorous, quirky and uplifting story with an astute message that will get stuck in your brain – literally! Those pesky zombies may be engulfing the entire town, but they sure do make for some inspirational role models.

Adam Wallace writes this quick-witted account of a true story (well, at least some of the finer details are true) featuring his pals, James and Stacey, as they unleash their inner heroes to save their community from brain-devouring zombies. An all-important school assignment is the crux for Adam’s motivation to aspire for focus, stamina, integrity…and fitness. It is only after Adam and his friends have witnessed the horrifying path of zombie destruction that he realises the brain-knashers’ relentless goal-reaching, eye-balling determination and opportunity-grabbing instincts are powerful qualities to possess. With these in mind he battles his inner demons (and those demon zombies), rises to his challenges and hands in the ‘inspiring people’ assignment. End of apocalypse…or is it?

Kinda gross yet hugely comical and clever, Zombie Inspiration clearly reinforces an empowering path of self-assurance and absolute potential, in an entertaining and enlightening way. James Hart’s illustrations are fantastically gruesome and certainly add that deliciously irksome flavour to the text. Children from seven will be consumed with pleasure (but hopefully not literally!).

Zombie Inspiration, Adam Wallace (author), James Hart (illus.), Krueger Wallace Press, 2016.

Check out Adam Wallace’s awesome NEW website and his course for Zombie Inspiration at Adam also told us more about this book in his #InterviewByBook interview.


2 thoughts to “Review – Zombie Inspiration by Adam Wallace

  • Megan Higginson

    After reading this review I was encouraged to read my copy of ‘Zombie Inspiration.’ I am so glad I did. As Romi said, once you can get past the ‘gore, guts, violence and terror’ I was inspired. Living with a chronic illness I could identify with having goals and just going for it no matter what, even if it is one slow groaning step at a time. A great read.

    • Just Write For Kids

      That’s awesome, Megan! So glad my review inspired you to get inspired! Lol! I’m sure Adam would be thrilled he could have that affect on you. 🙂 xxx


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