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In Rollo’s Wet Surprise, Rollo the dog discovers that his inquisitive nature leads him to a rather unexpected, wet surprise in the pool. Unknowingly putting himself in danger, Rollo learns a valuable lesson when it comes to being aware of boundaries in and around unfamiliar territory. Being responsible for our pets and understanding how to keep safe around water is important, so let’s explore a few ideas together.


Before Reading –

Look at the cover of ‘Rollo’s Wet Surprise’. What do you think this story might be about? How do you know?

What do you think the ‘wet surprise’ refers to? What might this tell you about the personality of the character, Rollo?

Do you like swimming? Where is your favourite place to swim?

What are your ideas about keeping safe around pools and other areas of water? What about pets? Why is it just as important for pets to be supervised, just as much as children?

After Reading –

What happened to Rollo in the story, and what have you learned about him?

What do you think about his owner, builder Jim? Was there anything that he could have done differently to look after Rollo?

Why do you think Rollo didn’t understand the danger of the pool cover?

What other scenarios could have happened if Jim hadn’t have found Rollo in the pool?

What are the important lesson/s of the story?

Make a list of ways you can be responsible for yourself and pets around water.


Ages 5 – 8 (Foundation to Year 2)

Australian Curriculum Links


Responding to literature(ACELT1577)(ACELT1783)(ACELT1582)

Examining literature: (ACELT1578)(ACELT1854)

Texts in context(ACELY1655)

Interpreting, analysing, evaluating(ACELY1648)(ACELY1650(ACELY1658(ACELY1660(ACELY1670)


Physical sciences: (ACSSU005)(ACSSU033)

Nature and development of science: (ACSHE013)(ACSHE021)(ACSHE034)

Science Inquiry Skills: (ACSIS233)(ACSIS024)(ACSIS037)(ACSIS038)(ACSIS029)

Design and Technologies

Knowledge and understanding: (ACTDEK001)(ACTDEK002)(ACTDEK004)

Health and Physical Education

Being healthy, safe and active: (ACPPS003(ACPPS017)(ACPPS018)

Contributing to healthy and active communities: (ACPPS006)(ACPPS007)(ACPPS023)

Sink or Float Task –

Science involved: Density is the weight of an item in relation to its volume. The more dense an object, the more likelihood of sinking.

Buoyancy is the upward force that supports items in water. When we’re in the pool, we feel lighter because of the force helping us to float.

Materials needed:

Various items, such as crayon, orange and other fruits / vegetables, ping pong ball, coin, toys, etc.

Deep container or tub of water

Paper and pencil to record observations


  1. Write down the list of items to be tested for the floating and sinking experiment.
  2. Predict whether each item will float or sink prior to placing in the water. Discuss the ‘density’ of the items.
  3. Drop the items one at a time into the water and observe the results. Record.
  4. Discuss the results. What did you notice? What did you find surprising? Are there differences between the way the items float or sink?

STEM Design and Build a Rescue Device for Dogs

Description: Challenge students with the task of designing and building a device that can rescue a dog that has fallen into the water. They will need to use their teamwork skills and work in pairs or groups. The rescue devices will need to include a cranking or winding mechanism and a passenger carrier to pull the dog to safety.

Materials needed:

Pop sticks

Straws (bendy straws)



Rubber bands

Cardboard paper

‘Dog’ toy or object to represent the dog


  1. Students will need to design / draw and label their rescue device, considering how the mechanisms will work.
  2. Make a list and gather the materials needed.
  3. Build the rescue device, evaluating and adapting its design and function to improve it.
  4. Test the device with the ‘dog’.
  5. Evaluate and discuss the results. Was the rescue device functional? Did it hold together? Did the winding mechanism work effectively? Did the ‘dog’ stay in the passenger carrier until it was safe?

Rollo’s Wet Surprise is created by Penny Macoun and Paul Nash. Notes prepared by Romi Sharp.

Please follow Penny Macoun at her website: https://www.pennymacoun.com.au/

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Find out more about Paul Nash and his art at his website: https://www.nashyart.com/

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