Sneak Peek: The Video That Gave us Goosebumps

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“Blotches or circles”… the making of goosebumps! Illustrated and animated by Kim Siew. Article by Debra Tidball.

I love this little video that Kim made to coincide with the release of Β The Scared Book. It’s of one of the goosebumps that appear in the book, and it demonstrates Kim’s trademark quirky style. It’s that style that suited the book so perfectly, turning it into something that is so clever, funny and unique. Kudos to my publisher, Suzanne O’Sullivan at Lothian Children’s Books, for recognising the potential in Kim’s graphic art and muralist background.

Here’s the spread that the video references. On this page, the book has developed goosebumps because it’s scared of the cute and funny monsters that appeared at the start. It asks the reader to rub the goosebumps away. When I wrote the text, I guess I really didn’t have any thoughts as to what the goosebumps would look like, except perhaps red blotches or circles. What Kim did with the book elements like these goosebumps was to bring them to life by giving them personalities that I never would have imagined. And the way she integrated this with the overall concept of monsters in the book is magical.

PS. Do you like the way I’ve styled the book photo? Thanks go to Tania McCartney for her blog on this topic here:

Brace yourself… now presenting…THE GOOSEBUMP VIDEO!

25 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: The Video That Gave us Goosebumps

  1. Zoe Gaetjens says:

    Love the video, I must say my goosebumps are never as cute as these little guys!
    Rather ironically what gives me (metaphoric) goosebumps is the very opposite of the cold that causes this physical reaction in most people. I am so super scared of fire. Bush fires, house fires, obviously, but bonfires and fire pits too. Even a BBQ flame gives me the willies! #thescaredpitch

  2. Kaye Baillie says:

    What a fun video. Cutest goosebump ever! I can’t wait to get this book. I get goosebumps when someone tells me a ghost story. #thescaredpitch

  3. Brook Tayla says:

    Yes I love your styling and you could play some great games with those ‘monster’ balls when you meet kids #thescaredpitch

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