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Mixing the old with the new to create a technological piece of history! Using the latest digital software, and research into the history of stamps, your task is to produce a digital stamp! What famous icon or period will you choose to represent? Or maybe you’ll add your own personal touch? What kind of program will you use to create your own postage stamp?


To use a digital app or software to create your own postage stamp.

Use graphic design skills and creativity.

Research stamps of the past and present to acquire knowledge of their appearance and significance.

Ages: 6 – 12 years


What kinds of images might you see on a postage stamp?

Are there certain themes you might see on stamps at certain times of the year? Why might these be significant?

Who was the first famous person to be shown on the stamp? Are all famous people presented on stamps?

What do you notice about the features of the stamp? How it is cut? What other text is on there?

Think about what you would like represented on your stamp. How will you obtain this image? How will you utilise the digital program to create your stamp?


Digital app, program or software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint, PicsArt, Canva or online website.

Note: The following is a list of resources you could use to create your stamp:


  • Postage Stamp Template to upload into a graphic design program. Don’t forget to add the dollar amount, country and optional description of your image.

Here’s one we made in PicsArt…


You might like to know how stamps are actually made! Here’s a fascinating video on the process of making postage stamps…

For more fun and educational activities please head to the Max Booth Stamp Safari Pinterest Board, or review the comprehensive teaching notes at Big Sky Publishing. 

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