Symbaloo is my all time favourite productivity app, an essential tool for anyone who spends time on the Internet. Symbaloo is a browser app and I always have it open in the first tab of Google Chrome. It works with all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

So what exactly does it do? It’s visual bookmarking app that allows me to organise all the places I go on the web so that each is only a mouse-click away. For me that includes a wide range of websites – social media accounts, on-line banking, blog platforms, analytical tools, image sites and even the Tax Office.

A Symbaloo ‘mix’ looks like this.


A mix is a set of tiles, each linked to a website. Tiles can be organised into task related groups. For example I group all the blogs I write for together.

symbaloo1I have multiple mixes. I have a second mix for all the places I go on-line to pay bills or manage my household such as health insurance, the NRMA and myGov, and a third mix for websites that catch my attention to investigate at a later time.

Another use could be to have a mix of research websites for a work-in-progress. Or to compile a Top 60 list. A tile on the main mix can be used to link to a another mix.

Setting up a tile is as easy as clicking on a blank tile and pasting in a website link. Symbaloo will find the appropriate icon. Tiles can be grouped into coloured sections.

Individual mixes can be kept private or shared.

It’s a simple app. Easy to set up. Easy to use. No more trying to remember website urls or searching for them each time. Symbaloo takes me there with just one click.

You can see all the action on the Symbaloo You Tube channel.




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