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We are thrilled to have Karen Tyrrell share a little about her Song Bird Superhero series and what made her so passionate about empowering young people, girls in particular, to be strong, self-confident and stand up for their beliefs. Her interests in science, environmental sustainability and conservation are also admirable. Read about her inspirations behind Great Barrier Reef Rescue here! 

I created the Song Bird Superhero series as an outlet for passion for bully prevention and caring for the environment. When I was a school teacher, I was bullied by my student and his parents to breaking point and beyond. I wrote my memoir Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness and another ten books to empower children.

Song Bird Superhero and I share parallel experiences in many respects. I AM Song Bird Superhero. In Year 6, a girl pretending to be my friend, bullied me terribly, ripping my clothes, tormenting me with disparaging insults about me, and much worse. She stole my self-confidence and my personal power. Like Song Bird AKA Rosella Ava Bird, I sang in the school choir inspiring my self-confidence and belief in myself. The following year, I discovered science in high school and became a science nerd. My love of science continued into teacher’s college where I majored in biology … and drama.

As an early childhood teacher, I taught grade 1 and 2, becoming the science co-ordinator for my school. At the same time, I spent family holidays on the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelling with giant green turtles, sting rays and Maori wrasse amongst a garden of technicolour coral.

I’m an environmentally conscious person and avid fan of David Attenborough and his Blue Planet series. When David stated, ‘The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. It’s time to step up.’ I took his challenge seriously, writing my eco adventure, Great Barrier Reef Rescue. The reef’s future lies with us all. I want future generations to enjoy the reef experience for years to come.

In the Song Bird Series, Rosella Ava Bird transforms into Song Bird Superhero when she’s able to fly through singing. Only problem, her next-door neighbour Frank the bully, and environmental villain, Destructo weaken her superpowers. She must learn to empower herself and face the challenges to stop the bully, save the environment, and protect her friends.


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2 thoughts to “Stepping Up: Karen Tyrrell on Why She Had to Write Great Barrier Reef Rescue

  • Karen Tyrrell Author

    Thanks for creating such a powerful article based on my interview. Hope everyone understand WHY I had to write Great Barrier Reef Rescue.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks for being so open and honest about your journey and inspirations! It really is eye-opening! 🙂


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