Would You Love to WIN Love Me, Love My ADHD by Chrissie Davies?

‘ADHD kids are pretty amazing! They have a special way of thinking that’s different from their neurotypical friends, which can sometimes make them feel like they don’t fit in. But don’t worry; with the right support from family, friends and peers, ADHD kids can do incredible things!‘ – Chrissie Davies Love ME, Love my ADHD encourages […]

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#BookReview: League of Llamas Books 1 and 2 by Aleesah Darlison
League of Llamas Books 1 and 2

#BookReview: League of Llamas #1: The Golden Llama, League of Llamas #2: Llama Impossible, Aleesah Darlison (author), Simon Greiner (illus.), Penguin, March 2020. Blurb – The Golden Llama: The League of Llamas is on a mission to save the world! And – if Agent Phillipe Llamar can stop looking at his luxurious fringe in every […]

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Cultivating Greenleaf Press – Interview with Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlison is the dynamic force behind this wonderful new initiative in providing critical support to creators and small businesses. The award-winning author and presenter kindly shares with us the logistics of her blossoming resource, Greenleaf Press. Thanks, Aleesah! Congratulations on your newest venture with Greenleaf Press! What is your vision for this service and […]

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Top Take-home messages from the Kids and YA Festival 2016

The value of festivals cannot be underestimated when it comes to both networking and nourishing our writing craft and career. So here are my top take home messages from the NSW Writer’s Centre Kids and YA Festival in June:  1 The Process of writing – hints from picture book authors: Don’t delete your rubbish ideas. ‘You have to […]

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