Would You Like Tulips for Breakfast?

***UPDATE: COMPETITION NOW CLOSED*** ‘This story is dedicated to the survivors, far and wide, who shared their stories with me or committed their memories to print – and to those who didn’t make it. Their stories and those of other genocides must never be forgotten – especially in times like this.‘ – Catherine Bauer Tulips […]

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A Story of Significance – Catherine Bauer on Tulips for Breakfast

The powerful and heart-rending tale based on the events during the Second World War, Tulips for Breakfast is already making an impact on its readers, keeping the memory alive, with thanks to award-winning author and journalist, Catherine Bauer. A South Australian-born journalist and communications specialist and awarded children’s writer, Catherine Bauer grew up in Adelaide, […]

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The Business of Writing: How to be an Authorpreneur

For many of creative people, it is difficult to take off the ‘creative hat’, so to speak, and put on the ‘business hat’. However, in this day and age of living in a noisy and busy world it is vital. Allison Tait interviewed Hazel Edwards in 2013 about the business of writing in her blog […]

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