Lessons from a punnet of tomatoes.

One thing I love about the creative industries is that several people can have a similar idea yet express it in totally different ways. This was brought home to me the other evening when attending a talk by CBCA judge, Cathie Tasker. Cathie pointed out that two of the books shortlisted for awards this year […]

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Conference Camaraderie

One of the elements in my Writer’s Action Matrix earlier in the year was to attend a conference or festival. Well, it seems like festival season at the moment for Kid’s Lit. There’s heaps to choose from – check out the events section of this website! I was fortunate enough to secure tickets to the […]

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Picture Books in the Eye of the Beholder

To begin my journey towards becoming a published picture book author, I became an avid (perhaps compulsive) reader of the genre. Yes, it has definitely helped having two young daughters around as an excuse for my weekly loitering in the kids’ section of the library. Anyway, I also began writing formal reviews around 18 months […]

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