The Quick Six Interview with Crystal Corocher on Giovanni

Welcome to #TheQuickSixInterview with Crystal Corocher! It is with great delight to have the amazing Crystal Corocher here to share her remarkable story; Giovanni – a true tale of the incredible voyage on the SS India; a dangerous expedition that saw eager Italian families endure the intrepid journey across the seas to a new colony, […]

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A Poetic Delight: Marg Gibbs and Margeaux Davis on Goose at the Gate

Goose at the Gate: Poems for Children, is a blended whimsical, magical, tender, playful and adventurous collection of delightfully endearing poems, dedicated to Marg Gibbs‘ grandchildren, and written for children of all ages, far and wide. With her own beautiful collages, and combined with the delicious watercolour illustrations of Margeaux Davis, the pair deliver a […]

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