#Book Review: Anzac Ted by Belinda Landsberry

#BookReview: Anzac Ted, Belinda Landsberry (author and illustrator), EK Books, March 2024. Blurb: Anzac Ted is no ordinary bear. He’s got worn patches, frayed threads, missing parts and more… but that’s because he’s got an incredible story to tell. Long ago, Anzac Ted went to war alongside Grandpa Jack. He kept the soldiers company and gave them courage, […]

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The Quick Six Interview with Laura Holloway and Kristen Willis

It’s such a delight to welcome TWO stars in the making with their debut release in the kidlit arena! We congratulate author Laura Holloway and illustrator Kristen Willis on their gorgeous book baby, Peek-a-Boo Lottie! What a dynamic duo, with both words and pictures playfully bouncing off one another to capture the utter charm and […]

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#BookReview: In My Garden by Kate Mayes and Tamsin Ainslie

#Bookreview: In My Garden, Kate Mayes (author), Tamsin Ainslie (illus.), Harper Collins, August 2023. Blurb: In our gardens are where we belong. Planting, watching, growing, dreaming. In our gardens something out of nothing comes. Join children from around the world as they share their gardens, from blossoming flowers in Japan to the waterside of Malawi, the frozen landscape of Iceland to […]

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