Adam Wallace Shares all of his Awesomeness in this Interview!

#kidsbookcreatorcapital #bookcampaign #booksontourpr Yes, Adam, you have calibre – high calibre, in fact. And we are super excited that you are here sharing your highly skilled and knowledgeable authorly insights on what you have learned through your 20+ years of experience as a full time writer and school presenter. Readers, you’ll soak up everything Adam […]

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Keeping track of your expenses

Last month, I talked about keeping track of your income. It’s now time to look at your expenses. The expenses you have may vary depending on whether you are self-publishing or are traditionally published. In general, your expenses could include: Workshops and conferences Editing and manuscript assessment Equipment such as computer purchases Professional support – […]

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Keeping track of your income

Keeping track of your income can be a challenge for authors, however it is important so we can declare any income at tax time. We can receive income from a number of sources including: Sales of books – this can be sales directly from the author, online via sites such as Amazon, and royalties from […]

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