Reece Activity: Water Xylophone

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Making Sound with a Water Xylophone

Discovering different sounds amongst and within various musical pieces is a fascinating and valuable learning concept. One of the instruments Reece explores in Reece Give Me Some Peace is a xylophone. A xylophone contains keys of differing sizes to create the multitude of sounds, and that’s what we will be experimenting with today… with water! In this kitchen science activity, your children will discover how different levels of water alter the pitch of each note.

Ages: 4 – 8 years


Predict the pitch (high or low) as more or less water is added to the glass.

Formulate a hypothesis around what they discovered.

Experiment with sound and tunes.



What kinds of instruments did Reece explore in the book? What kind of sounds do each one make?

What is pitch? What does a high pitch sound like? A low pitch?

How do you think adding water will change the sound, or pitch, of the glass? Complete the experiment then ask, what did you notice about the amounts of water compared to the pitch that was made? What is happening to the ‘sound waves’?

Extension: Try tapping on the side and then the top of the glass – is there a sound difference? Try experiment with adjusting the levels of water. Try different liquids to observe how the densities change the sounds.



Jug of water

Four or more glasses

Food colouring

Wooden or metal spoon



Watch the instructional video, or follow the directions below…

1. Fill each glass with a different level of water, adding slightly less in each glass.

2. Add a couple of drops of food colouring to each glass of water. Mix or watch the colours swirl! Try experimenting with mixing colours if you would like more than four glasses.

3. Using your wooden (or metal spoon, or experiment with other utensils), tap each glass and listen to the different sounds they make. Make note of the pitch and level of water. The more water, the lower the pitch. Try tap out a fun tune!

For more educational activities, go to the Reece Give Me Some Peace Pinterest Board.

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Reference: Little Bins for Little Hands

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Introducing Sonia Bestulic and Reece Give Me Some Peace!

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We are tremendously excited to welcome children’s author and Speech Pathologist, Sonia Bestulic, to join us on such a joyous and entertaining blog tour! Sonia introduces her fun, and noisy (!), debut picture book, ‘Reece Give Me Some Peace!’; exploring the wonderful world of music, instruments and noisy play. So let’s make some NOISE for Sonia and Reece! 🤗🎼🎷🥁

Sonia Bestulic is a creative, energised woman, wife, and mother of three young children. She was born in Sydney, Australia, and enjoyed a childhood filled with wonderful books and a passion for writing. Musically entwined, she played the violin until her late teens, including performances at the Sydney Opera House. Sonia is Founder of Talking Heads Speech Pathology, the well-known, reputable Sydney based clinics established in 2006. A long term advocate for children’s learning and literacy, Sonia continues to write and speak when it comes to all things children.

Sonia has written numerous articles and delivered countless education events nationally and internationally, to empower parents, educators and business owners to learn more, grow more and enjoy what life has to offer.

As a Children’s Author, she has the privilege of sharing her creative expression, which entwines her extensive knowledge as a Speech & Language Pathologist, and her personal motherhood experiences.

Find out a little more about Sonia in this short video clip…

And here’s a little sample of what Reece Give Me Some Peace! is all about…

Sonia Bestulic: website | facebook| LinkedIninstagram

Reece Give Me Some Peace!: Big Sky Publishing | Boomerang Books

Chatabout Children Podcast: website

Amanda Barrett at Mrs B’s Book Reviews presents a sound review of Reece Give Me Some Peace! on her blog! Go listen in!

Have yourself at a BLAST at Sonia’s Book Launch for Reece Give Me Some Peace!

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Picture Book Review: The Very Noisy Baby

The Very Noisy Baby, Alison Lester (author/illus.), Affirm Press, Nov 2017

Synopsis: Here is the story of a very noisy baby. She could bellow like a buffalo. And roar like a lion. And howl like a wolf for a very long time. The baby loves to make all kinds of sounds. She’s really very loud. But when some animals in the town go missing, can the very noisy baby help? Find out in this wonderfully boisterous story, full of action, fun (and noise!).

If you already have a number of picture books by award-winning author and illustrator Alison Lester, who has been delighting Australian readers for years, you’ll no doubt be excited to add her latest offering to your collection. If, on the other hand, you haven’t read one of her titles before (and I know that’s unlikely!), you’ll be in for a lovely surprise as you’re introduced to Lester’s iconic illustration style and clever text.

The Very Noisy Baby is perfect for young readers aged around three years and up. It’s a fun, truly engaging story full of wonderful rhythm and repetition, plus lots of rhyming parts, all of which will keep even the littlest listeners glued to their seat and giggling with glee. This picture book is a fantastic one to read aloud (for individuals and small to large groups), with lots of animal sounds to practice.

In the story, various creatures go missing, and their owners, carers, or other interested parties go searching for them. Upon hearing relevant growling, howling, neighing and other sounds coming from a house, they think they’ve found what they’re searching for. But, as various occupants of the home come to the door, it’s discovered that a very noisy baby is making all the sounds! What adds an extra layer to the story is that the baby’s noises actually end up saving the day, and provide some clever suspense for the later section of the book.

Children will be enthralled by the fun noises they can make to match each page spread, plus they’ll have the chance to guess which animal will pop up next. Furthermore, the story enables kids to learn about various creatures found in Australia, from those in zoos and on farms, through to some living in the wild (including less-frequently featured birds). With different family members opening the door throughout too, children get to see how families can be made up of numerous ages and generations.

As always, Lester’s illustrations showcase her well-known artistic style. There is plenty of white space throughout, which ensures young readers won’t get overwhelmed by the details and that the pacing works well and each image pops. There are numerous soft colours on each spread too, plus each animal and character is distinctive and memorable, which should help children stay engaged as the story progresses.

Another excellent feature of the design of the book is that there is quite a bit of repetition in how the illustrations are laid out throughout. This helps to teach younger readers about design and story structure. It also means little ones can really focus on discovering one creature and its physical features at a time.


Please note: a complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.