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Making Sound with a Water Xylophone

Discovering different sounds amongst and within various musical pieces is a fascinating and valuable learning concept. One of the instruments Reece explores in Reece Give Me Some Peace is a xylophone. A xylophone contains keys of differing sizes to create the multitude of sounds, and that’s what we will be experimenting with today… with water! In this kitchen science activity, your children will discover how different levels of water alter the pitch of each note.

Ages: 4 – 8 years


Predict the pitch (high or low) as more or less water is added to the glass.

Formulate a hypothesis around what they discovered.

Experiment with sound and tunes.



What kinds of instruments did Reece explore in the book? What kind of sounds do each one make?

What is pitch? What does a high pitch sound like? A low pitch?

How do you think adding water will change the sound, or pitch, of the glass? Complete the experiment then ask, what did you notice about the amounts of water compared to the pitch that was made? What is happening to the ‘sound waves’?

Extension: Try tapping on the side and then the top of the glass – is there a sound difference? Try experiment with adjusting the levels of water. Try different liquids to observe how the densities change the sounds.



Jug of water

Four or more glasses

Food colouring

Wooden or metal spoon



Watch the instructional video, or follow the directions below…

1. Fill each glass with a different level of water, adding slightly less in each glass.

2. Add a couple of drops of food colouring to each glass of water. Mix or watch the colours swirl! Try experimenting with mixing colours if you would like more than four glasses.

3. Using your wooden (or metal spoon, or experiment with other utensils), tap each glass and listen to the different sounds they make. Make note of the pitch and level of water. The more water, the lower the pitch. Try tap out a fun tune!

For more educational activities, go to the Reece Give Me Some Peace Pinterest Board.

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Reference: Little Bins for Little Hands

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3 thoughts to “Reece Activity: Water Xylophone

  • Norah

    This is such a fun activity that’s easy to organise. I love your video and all the ideas on the Pinterest Board. Well done.

    • Just Write For Kids

      So easy! Thanks for your kind comments, Norah! 🙂

      • Norah

        My pleasure, Romi. 🙂


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