The Quick Six Interview with Pamela Jones on Ayla’s Christmas Wish

Welcome to #TheQuickSixInterview with Pamela Jones! It’s such a delight to welcome children’s author, poet and podcaster, Pamela Jones here today to share her beautiful, sweet and nostalgic debut picture book, Ayla’s Christmas Wish. In creating this story, Pamela was inspired by the hay bale art in towns across Australia, from Tarrington in Victoria’s West […]

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Rain Shakers and Sunflowers: Educational Activities

#rainshaker #bookcampaign #booksontourpr #day5 Considering the themes of climate change, rain cycles, plant growth and seasons in Elizabeth Mary Cummings’ and Cheri Hughes’ picture book, Rain Shaker, here are a couple of activities to encourage positive empowerment and exploration in caring for the environment.  *Rain Shaker is written by Elizabeth Mary Cummings, illustrated by Cheri […]

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#BookReview: Rain Shaker by Elizabeth Mary Cummings and Cheri Hughes

#rainshaker #bookcampaign #booksontourpr #day3 #BookReview: Rain Shaker, Elizabeth Mary Cummings (author), Cheri Hughes (illus.), Big Sky Publishing, October 2020. Blurb: When Erin finds a snow-shaker she embarks on a magical journey of possibility. In a world of droughts and floods where water won’t behave, Erin’s imagination shakes things up and shows her she can help […]

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