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Rain Shaker, Elizabeth Mary Cummings (author), Cheri Hughes (illus.), Big Sky Publishing, October 2020.


When Erin finds a snow-shaker she embarks on a magical journey of possibility.
In a world of droughts and floods where water won’t behave, Erin’s imagination shakes things up and shows her she can help make a better world.


From the dynamic duo, Elizabeth Mary Cummings and Cheri Hughes, creators of The Forever Kid, comes Rain Shaker, a picture book about a young girl determined to make a difference in an environment so dry and desperate for life.

The farm where Erin and her family reside, a land that drought has engulfed in dust, suffers, for plant growth is prohibited and shade sparse for animals to shelter. An apt choice – sunflowers – are at the forefront of Erin’s desires – for their ability to spread happiness, improve soil condition, and provide as a valuable food source (reference: information and tips on growing sunflowers found at the back of the book). It is Christmas time, and Erin wishes to spread the love of sunflowers amongst her family. But without rain, the potted seeds won’t grow. A little inspiration, a big imagination, and even greater energy allow Erin the possibility to create magic, and hope, and wonder… and life!

Elizabeth Cummings’ uplifting and vibrant language synergise perfectly with Cheri Hughes’ dance and movement, bright-eyed and sparkling illustrations. Both text and pictures emanate with warmth and emotion; a celebratory downpour of life! The descriptive terms and visual literacy blend with a textural, visceral essence that is bold, bright, colourful and engaging.

Rain Shaker is an enlightening and empowering story with a strong environmental message about the effects of climate change and global warming, showered with vitality and playfulness that encourages advocacy and care for our planet from our strong, determined younger generation. Children from age four will be kicking their heels in delight to read Rain Shaker again and again.
Highly recommended.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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