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It’s a huge honour to welcome masterful journalist and author, Catherine Bauer to the blog! Throughout this week, we will be discovering more about Catherine and her writing, her background and inspirations, as well as the Indigenous hero she so thoroughly researched and beautifully represented in her latest title; Len Waters – Australia’s first known Aboriginal fighter pilot. So, let’s take the skies! Enjoy the journey! 🙂

About the Author

South Australian-born Catherine Bauer is a journalist and awarded children’s writer who grew up in the suburbs of Adelaide. She has worked as a news and political journalist and features writer for various newspapers and publications, as a media and communications adviser and is now working with the State Theatre Company South Australia.

While she has written and published children’s plays and had two picture books published in 2018, Catherine lists her three sons as her life’s greatest work.

She grew up reading the classics that lined her parents’ well-stocked home library. She wrote, illustrated and submitted her first picture book at the age of eight and received a gently worded rejection letter – thus igniting her love for writing and determination to one day see her creative work in print.

Apart from joy and delight, Catherine aims for her stories to spark all or one of the following three reactions in readers: ‘that’s me’; ‘I wish that was me’ or ‘I’m glad that’s not me’.

Her parents were both great story tellers and among her favourites were the ones in which her father recounted wonderful stories about finding joy in small things, his enthralling adventures and often hardships of a childhood growing up in WWII Germany.

Following the fantastic series, Australia Remembers (Australia Remembers 1 with Allison Paterson, Australia Remembers 2 with Allison Paterson), we are thrilled to help celebrate the release of the inspiring treasure trove, Australia Remembers 3: Len Waters, Boundless and Born to Fly, published by Big Sky Publishing.

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Australia Remembers 3 is available for purchase through: Big Sky Publishing | Booktopia

A few questions for Catherine Bauer… (Part 1)

Who is your biggest role model?

That’s tough – I have a few. But I’d say my Dad has been a big role model for me. He was a German post-war migrant to Australia and left his entire family at the age of 17 in search of a better life. Europe was of course shattered by WWII. He didn’t speak English, he had few savings but he had drive and a huge work ethic. He experienced some racism as a German so soon after the war, but he let his hard work and desire to contribute speak for itself. My mother also taught me kindness – she says “if you can’t say something nice, best say nothing at all”.

What is your personal link to World War 2?

Dad and his family are a strong link. As mentioned, Dad grew up during the war and experienced all the fears and hardships of it literally being on his doorstep. My Mum also grew up during the war – but in Australia, so a little more removed. But she also experienced shortages and other restrictions that everyone else had to live with.

Do you have a personal motto?

I have a few – depending on the situation!

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Proper planning and preparation, prevents poor performance.

This too shall pass.

What is one way you commemorate the war?

I always feel very emotional on Anzac Day and spend time reflecting on all those – no matter from which “side” – who have died or been physically or mentally injured during any conflict. I also think of their families, especially mothers – probably because I’m a mother myself.

What’s your experience like with aeroplanes? Have you travelled anywhere special?

The old Adelaide Airport has built a museum to the Vickers Vimy aircraft, flown by brothers Sir Keith and Ross Smith in the famous London to Australia air race of 1919-20.  It’s now all enclosed in a special building, but it used to be housed behind a huge glass wall. It always fascinated me – it looked so primitive compared to modern aeroplanes.

I’ve travelled overseas a few times and as a child to Germany to meet my grandparents – it was a long, long trip, but very exciting and I still marvel at how those huge and heavy aircraft get off the ground – and stay in the air!

Join us on an inspiring journey with Catherine Bauer and her fascinating non-fiction book, Australia Remembers 3; Len Waters, Boundless and Born to Fly, across the blogosphere and at the following media sources…

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  • Norah

    Australia Remembers Len Waters is a great book and I enjoyed getting to know a little more about the author.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks, Norah! Catherine Bauer has such a fascinating background, doesn’t she?! 🙂

      • Norah

        She does. And has written a fascinating book.

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