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We now know the importance of and tips to ensure a calm and consistent bedtime routine, as explained in this previous article, now it’s time to hear the reasoning behind a child’s thinking. Today we welcome the starring character himself – Hayden from Hayden’s Bedtime! Thanks for joining us, Hayden! 🙂

Dear Hayden,

Your story is one a lot of children around your age can relate to! Can you tell us some reasons as to why going to bed is difficult for you?

I don’t like the dark at all. And I don’t want dad to leave me in my room all by myself. I get scare in the dark, and even if dad leaves the light on, I still want him to stay.


And what do you like about your bedtime routine? What is something that helps you feel sleepy?

I like dad to read me some stories every night. Then he tucks me into bed and lays with me until I fall asleep.


What sorts of scary things were you expecting to be found behind the door, under the bed, inside the cupboard and in the drawer?

Monsters live everywhere. But big people can’t see them.


Were you surprised by any of the items your Dad found?

Dad found some funny things. Some of them I had forgotten about, like mum’s diamond ring.


What is your favourite bedtime story?

The one nanny wrote, Hayden’s Bedtime.


Is your tiger your nighttime companion only, or does it travel with you on daily outings, too?

The tiger isn’t mine silly. The illustrator used his imagination and drew him.


How would you describe your Dad? Besides playing, cooking and climbing, what sorts of things do you like to do together?

We ride push bikes and motor bikes, we visit the park, and go to the movies too. But best of all daddy gives me lots of hugs.

What are your thoughts on how the illustrator, Brett Curzon, has portrayed you and your Dad in the story? Has he captured the perfect mood and personalities?

Dad and I love the pictures Brett drew of us. We both agree that it looks like us too.


If you could give advice to readers about feeling safe, warm and comfortable at bedtime, what would you say?

Leave the light on all night make mum or dad stay with you too, and cuddle one of your favourite toys.


Please let us know where we can find more about you and your author.

You can find my book nanny wrote at www.inprintpublishing.com.au


Thanks so much, Hayden, for answering our questions! Sleep tight! x


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