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A Cloud to Remember Craft and Literacy Activity

Memories of loved ones can be preserved by noting down all the special things you loved and remember about them. Whether it’s an activity shared, a cute characteristic, their favourite hobby or food, you can celebrate their life in so many ways. In this craft and literacy activity, we used the cloud motif to describe some wonderful things that Vince remembered about his big brother, Johnny. You can choose a person who was special to you – a late grandparent, uncle, brother or sister, or even a pet.

Ages: 4 – 8 years


Recognise emotions, including grief, sadness, guilt, and finding positive ways to celebrate a life that has been lost.

Show awareness of unique characteristics and the bond shared that make people individual and special to you.

Make literacy connections between the book characters and personal experiences.

Practise writing about personal reflections in a neat, presentable manner.



What does the word ‘grief’ mean to you? How were Vince and his family grieving for Johnny in The Forever Kid?

What did they do to help themselves not be sad about losing Johnny? What were some of the fun things they did to remember him?

Why do you think it is important for the family to keep having birthday parties for Johnny when he’s not there?

Why do you think Vince felt a little bit ‘guilty’?

Have you ever lost someone special in your life? How did you feel when they left? What do you remember about that person? What sorts of things did /do you do to keep the memory of them?


White paper

Coloured paper strips


Sticky tape


Marker / texta



  1. Draw a large cloud shape on an A4 or A5 piece of white paper. Cut out.
  2. Arrange your coloured paper strips on the back of your cloud shape. Stick them all on.
  3. Turn over and write the name of the person you are remembering in the cloud. Colour and decorate as desired.
  4. On each of the coloured paper strips, write words or a sentence using descriptive language to explain a special memory. For example, ‘soft and fluffy’, ‘dimples’, ‘cuddling with Miley’, ‘building models with Dad’, or ‘loves telling cloud stories’.
  5. Hang up or frame your cloud creation. You might like to include a photo or other special item.

For more education and craft activities, please visit The Forever Kid Pinterest Board.

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