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What a joy it is to have passionate children’s author, Jacinta Farragher, here to share her own journey in life and in publishing her stunning, uplifting and insightful picture book – Joy’s Journey! This beautiful lyrical story, superbly illustrated by Manka Kasha, is one that will certainly touch every mind, heart and soul as it encourages us all to discover what may be hidden deep within. It’s a real gem! 🙂

About the Author

While living in Thailand, Jacinta Farragher found that snippets of quirky verse popped into her brain every time she had a massage.
Naturally, she wanted to explore this further and started having massages twice a week. Now she’s a children’s picture book author! Jacinta is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Creative Kids Tales, and the Australian Society of Authors. She dedicates her time to writing and having massages.
Jacinta’s passion is writing fun picture books with messages that uplift and empower. She plans to spend the next few decades writing books that will inspire children and adults alike for generations to come. Jacinta’s debut picture book Joy’s Journey is an adventurous quest story about realising the joy is in the journey. This will soon be followed by a second book Joy’s Way – a fun story about doing things your own way.

Jacinta’s picture book Joy’s Journey is illustrated by Manka Kasha and published by Little Steps Publishing.

Visit Jacinta at her website: jacintafarragher.com/

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JOY’S JOURNEY is available for purchase through: Jacinta’s SHOP | Little Steps Publishing

Some fun facts about Jacinta Farragher to give you joy!

Name 5 of your most desired wishes:

For myself and my loved ones to be happy and healthy

To visit Mexico

For children and adults alike to love my books

To experience getting a traditional publishing contract vs. a hybrid contract

To learn Japanese

5 words to describe you as a ‘teacher’:

Playful, open-minded, enthusiastic, curious and encouraging!

Favourite place to travel to:

Italy – It has everything – beaches, culture, great food, history, good weather, amazing scenery, and fun loving and friendly people.

Three top tips for building self-confidence and/or a sense of adventure:

  1. Having fun is the very best way to achieve both of these things! When you’re doing something you love, and just playing with it and having fun, you’re naturally self-confident and already on an adventure.

2. Understand that your work doesn’t have to be perfect or blow everyone’s mind. If it’s authentic and from the heart, then it has so much value already. Everything you do is valuable for yourself, as part of your process, even if it doesn’t end up being shared with the world.

3. Say ‘yes’ more! Actually go on mini adventures! This could be as simple as a walk or bike ride in an unfamiliar area, a cooking course, or a weekend away. 

If you have kids, you could give them a ‘yes day’ – put them in charge for a day (or an hour if you’re not that brave!) and see what happens.

Do you have a ‘spirit animal’?

My writing spirit animal would be a whale. They are such majestic animals, and I would love for my writing to be deep, and magnificent, huge, beautiful and awe inspiring, just like the whale.

Favourite season of the year:

Oh, definitely Spring – it’s such a special time with the weather warming up from winter, and the world blossoming with flowers and new life. It often feels like people are coming out of hibernation, and everyone is happy and enthusiastic.

Thank you, Jacinta! What wonderful insights! Look forward to learning more about you and Joy’s Journey! 🙂

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