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Here we are! With Cameron Macintosh and another one of his fun-tastic titles for junior and middle grade readers! This June, Cameron and illustrator, Dave Atze, release the SIXTH book in their series, Max Booth Future Sleuth: Map Trap. In honour of the theme of ‘maps’, today we’ll learn more about Cameron Macintosh in the form of a ‘life map’, and his life journey so far. Look forward to traveling around the blogosphere with you this week! So, buckle up and get ready for the ride! 🙂

Cameron Macintosh is the author of more than 120 books, published in Australia and around the world. Cameron is a graduate of RMIT’s Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing and holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Melbourne. Prior to moving into full-time writing, he worked as a freelance editor, and later as a Senior Editor at Nelson Cengage. Since then, he has written more than 100 books for students and teachers, and has been a co-author of several award-winning educational series. In 2017, he branched into trade publishing with the release of Tape Escape, the first title in the popular Max Booth Future Sleuth series â€“ now a series of six books.

More about Cameron can be found at his website: Home | Cam Macintosh (cammacintosh.com.au)

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Max Booth Future Sleuth: Map Trap is available for purchase at Big Sky Publishing | Booktopia

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