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We are in awe of the spectacular talents of these creators! It is with great delight to learn about the wonders of author, Shae Millward, and illustrator, Andy Fackrell, as they surprise and enlighten us with their new picture book, The Rabbit’s Magician. With deep and heart-rending layers of meaning and concepts to explore, here is a beautifully rendered, comforting and soulful story that is sure to be openly embraced. A round of applause for their magic, please welcome Shae and Andy! 🙂

About the Author

Shae Millward is the author of picture books A Boy and a DogKoalas Like To and The Rabbit’s Magician. Her short story, The Vampire Roses, is published in Spooktacular Stories: Thrilling Tales for Brave Kids. 

Shae is an enthusiastic advocate for literacy. She aims to inspire through a love of books, the joy of reading and writing, and the art of storytelling. Shae enjoys writing picture books, poetry, song lyrics, inspirational quotes, short stories and more. 

About the Illustrator

Andy Fackrell is one of the most awarded and recognised multi-dimensional creatives in the world. A career in advertising earned him the highest honours, including the Cannes Grand Prix in film for his work for Nike. A true creative nomad, living and working in all continents — Antarctica excepted — he is now a film maker exploring documentaries on social and environmental issues. These days, Andy is splitting his time between Sydney and Amsterdam writing branded content films, documentaries, as well as writing and illustrating picture books.

Andy Fackrell can be found at Andy Fackrell.

Visit Shae Millward at her website: shaemillward.com

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THE RABBIT’S MAGICIAN is available for purchase through: Ford Street Publishing | Booktopia | Local and independent book stores.

Is it an illusion? No. Shae Millward and Andy Fackrell are really here to share their secrets…

Name up to 5 of your favourite magic tricks:

Shae: Yeah, ok, some magic can be cheesy, but if you appreciate beauty, wonder, artistry, and prefer simplicity over showiness, check out Teller’s performance of Shadows or Invisi-ball.

Shin Lim’s cardistry is ooh aah-mazing! This guy could do well at a casino.

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat* has to get a mention for two reasons.

1) It’s ICONIC. First performed sometime in the 1800s, this trick is actually rarely done by magicians, yet the rabbit-in-a-hat imagery has stuck around and is the go-to for magic-related logos, graphics, media, etc.

2) Bunnies are cuuute!

*I only condone incorporating animals into magic acts if they are treated with kindness.

Making money appear out of thin air. That would be a great skill to have. Magicians seem to be able to walk up to someone and pull a coin out from behind their ear. When I go up to people and search behind their ears, I just get told off.

But there’s one trick I have mastered – making chocolate disappear! Ta-da(licious)!

Andy: Nature gives me all the magic I need. The earth being on a tilt relative to the sun gives us spring, summer, autumn and winter. I can’t imagine anything more magical.

Do you have a favourite animal, or spirit animal?

Shae: Nope, can’t do a favourite animal – too many faves! So, I’m going to go with spirit animal. Hmmm… it would be a unicorn but spelled unique-orn. Plain white with pastel-rainbow coloured mane and tail, sparkly hooves, magical horn. Oh, and wings! And I feel like this mystical creature would probably excrete gold nuggets. Or gemstones – polished for ease. It’s symbolic, you know – of producing wonderful things.

Andy: Snow Leopard, ‘The Ghost Cat.’ A spirit animal in its own right.

Who is your biggest role model?

Shae: Not one big role model, but a big-hearted group of role models: All the friendly, helpful and inspiring members of the kidlit community. I can learn so much from each and every one of them.

Andy: Not really anyone I can single out.

Do you have a special place of inspiration?

Shae: I highly suspect that showers have magical properties.

Supporting evidence #1: My singing always sounds better in the shower. I’ve got the shampoo bottle microphone, now all I need is the record deal.

Supporting evidence #2: I get a lot of great ideas in the shower. Perhaps flow of water = flow of ideas?

I could test out dancing in the shower, next, to see if that also improves, but it’s probably a safety hazard.

Andy: Walking near the ocean. Shooting a basketball for an hour. Physical activation stirs me out of catharsis.

5 words to describe your writing / illustrating style:

Shae:  Thoughtful. Fun. Quirky. Evolving. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Andy: Graphic, textural, painterly, emotional, filmic.

Join in the magic with Shae Millward and Andy Fackrell and their enchanting picture book, The Rabbit’s Magician, astounding audiences across the blogosphere at the following media sites…

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