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Hold on to those precious moments where young children’s imaginations soar. Their sense of freedom to be creative and care-free with their imaginations is an important life skill. We love how Kelly Louise Jarris describes the power of that wonder and excitement, and how her books help to harness those mindful moments.

Article by Kelly Louise Jarris.

As a mother of four young children, I was always trying to think how I could keep them entertained.

Little did I know that my early trips to the cheap craft shop would later create teenagers who may be heading for careers in imaginative roles. My homemade art and craft box full of glitter, pom-poms, paper, glue and sequins was the start of their imagination and journey into adulthood.

So many times, our boys would come to me with creations including an empty cereal box and a pom pom glued to it, and I would do my classic *impressed* mummy face (that I must admit I’ve mastered over the years).

“Wow, buddy, that’s amazing!”

My mind would be thinking, ‘What is it?’, while the mum in me that finished cleaning the house and putting the recycling bin out was wondering where I could store this 15th cereal box masterpiece?

“It’s a rocket, Mum.”

The rocket was a perfectly crafted, imaginative child-like toy that was the start of an imaginative hour of his rocket heading to the moon. The moon was a glitter-filled paper plate placed in a random spot. My previously clean kitchen looked like we had a visit from a fairy who decided to sneeze her glitter all over the place!

That homemade arts and crafts box inspired their little imaginations for years and helped them shape their little minds, setting them up for school and education.

At the time I didn’t realise that pointing out a cloud to a toddler drifting past in the shape of a giraffe sparked their little minds. Jumping in muddy puddles with gumboots and collecting funny-shaped leaves was my favourite thing of all. I have no idea if they remember doing this with me and it’s a memory I cherish as they grow.

Imagination is such an important tool to have, even as adults. Being able to find a happy place or a happy thought during the day at work when you might be longing to head home is an amazing gift.

I believe books are the most important ways parents and educators can spark this notion within our kids and this is one of the reasons I love to write for children. A book not only teaches a child how to read, spell, and pronounce words, it also opens up a world that little minds can explore.

I hope that my imaginative picture books, Wonderful Wishes and Imagine Our Special Place, encourage the motivation for creativity and ingenuity in young minds, inspiring them to change the world for the better.

Article by Kelly Louise Jarris

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