We’re thrilled here at Just Write For Kids to be a part of an exciting blog tour, organised by the lovely people at New Frontier Publishing! And what’s more, we get to kick it off with an interview with the talented author, Candice Lemon-Scott!

About the Author…

Candice is an Australian author, editor and workshop facilitator. She’s published 13 books for children and one for adults, Unloched, which won a commendation in the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards for an unpublished manuscript. Her quirky style, fast-paced narratives and originality appeal to reluctant readers particularly. Eco Rangers is her second book series for children. Candice has a Bachelor of Communication / Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing and Editing) and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. She was a Media Manager for several years before deciding to devote her time to creative writing. She is also a Books in Homes role model. When not writing, or running her book exchange, she can usually be found on a beach somewhere, reading a book.

About the Series…

Eco Rangers is an action-packed series centred around two best friends, who rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife through their local conservation centre. Ebony and Jay love helping others and looking after the environment. In each story, they meet new animal friends, solve mysteries and learn more about nature.

Our Quick Review…

Referring back to her latest book series, Eco Rangers, it was a delight to be one of the first to read the first title, Pelican in Peril. Inspired by her own wildlife-saving experiences, Candice brings her audience into a world of care, compassion and conservation awareness that are so vital for our younger generation going forward. Her main characters, Ebony and Jay, are highly relatable pre-teens with all the usual quirks, wit and sometimes attitude, but what’s great is their sheer passion, advocacy and determination to create a more humanitarian world. Through a suspenseful mystery adventure, we learn a lot about the effects of oil dumping on our innocent wildlife and the tireless work involved in ensuring their survival and rehabilitation. Eco Rangers; Pelican in Peril is an easy, digestible read for children aged six through to twelve, raising important environmental concepts in an entertaining and captivating story. Can’t wait to take the next adventurous flight with Book 2; Microbat Mayhem!

Now for our Interview…


Who wrote, illustrated and published this book?

I wrote the book and Aska has done the amazing illustrations. It’s published with New Frontier Publishing.


What is it called and what is it about?

The book is called Eco Rangers: Pelican in Peril. It’s the first of three books in the series to be released this year for children aged 7+. The story follows the adventures of two friends, Ebony and Jay, who are affectionately called the Eco Rangers because they help care for wildlife and solve environmental mysteries. In this book, the Eco Rangers find a pelican covered in oil. They help look after him until he can be returned to the wild. But they soon find clues that the oil spill may not have been an accident. They begin to investigate, getting into all kinds of trouble!


When is its release / launch date?

The book was released earlier last month. It was launched at the opening of the children’s illustration exhibition at The Centre, Beaudesert. I will also had a Brisbane launch at a children’s workshop event at Where the Wild Things Are Bookshop on April 17, and a reading and signing at Under the Greenwood Tree at Mount Tamborine April 20.


Where did the inspiration for this book come from?

I was first inspired to write the Eco Rangers by my own love of nature and wildlife. My children have followed in my footsteps and are keen animal lovers as well, so the idea of having two kids, Ebony and Jay, who rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife came easily. The story also developed from my interest in how wildlife carers help in our community when I had to rescue a koala from my own backyard. Of course, I did all the wrong things saving this koala, but I’ve since completed my wildlife carer certificate and have learned a great deal more about how rescues are conducted and the important work our carers do.


Why is this book meaningful to you and why would its message resonate with readers?

I’m very passionate about wildlife and the environment. Having just completed a trip around Australia with my family, I saw the incredible array of amazing wildlife we have here, but I also saw how the future for some of our animals is threatened, so this book means a great deal to me. When I do author visits at schools every hand goes up when I ask who loves animals, so I knew this book had to be written for kids. The future of our wildlife really is in the hands of the next generation too, so besides enjoying books featuring animals, I hope children will learn more about how we can help our wildlife and minimise environmental and human impacts on them through the book series. I chose a pelican to feature in the first book because there are a lot of these fabulous birds near where I live on the Gold Coast, and they have great personalities, so it was fun to feature one in the book.


How have you promoted this book and how can we find it?

Besides the launch events, I’m looking forward to visiting schools and attending other events to talk about the books. I’ve been chatting about it during my blog tour as well. Details for events and features are posted and updated on my author Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Candice-Lemon-Scott-79513716938/. The book is available through the usual book retailers but you can go to the publisher website for more details, or to order a copy: https://www.newfrontier.com.au/books/eco-rangers-pelican-in-peril


Candice Lemon-Scott can be found at the following links…

Website: http://candicelemonscott.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Candice-Lemon-Scott/79513716938?ref=hl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/candicelemonscott/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CandiceLSAuthor

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/candice-lemon-scott/28/251/698


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    This sounds like a fun book for early readers.

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      It certainly is, but would also cater for older readers, too!:)

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        Even better!

  • Candice Lemon-Scott

    Thanks so much for the fabulous review and interview – it was loads of fun!

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      Thanks so much for being a wonderful participant in the interview, Candice! So great to learn more about you and your Eco Rangers! 🙂


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