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Monster Shaker

What do you know about monsters? Do you know any monsters in books or on TV? Do monsters scare you? Can monsters be something else that’s scary, like a new place, or a new kind of food? What can we do to try and be brave and not be afraid? Let’s try a few methods like in the book; example, taking deep breaths, flicking or fanning away yucky thoughts, or giving yourself a hug or a shake. This rattling Monster Shaker will certainly scare away all those scary monsters!

Learning Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.
Learning Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.


Cardboard tube
1/2 cup of uncooked rice or beans
Aluminium foil
Construction paper
Sticky tape and scissors
Craft materials for decorating, such as Pom poms, chenille sticks, feathers, ribbon, textas, etc.
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1. Trace and cut out two circles from construction paper to fit the ends of the tube. Cover one end with a circle.
2. Cut strips of foil and crumble them into small balls. Place them and the rice in the tube.

3. Cover the other end of the tube with the other circle. Make sure the ends are completely shut.
4. Using your coloured paper and craft materials decorate to make your favourite monster.

5. Shake your monster up and down, over and under! Now you have a monster shaker!


Download your printable Monster Shaker instructions.

For more craft and educational activities please visit our The Scared Book Pinterest board.

For your chance to WIN a signed copy of The Scared Book comment below or on social media with your response to “What gives you goosebumps, spine tingles or butterflies in your tummy?”. PLUS, for a chance to PITCH and SUBMIT your picture book manuscript direct to publisher Suzanne O’Sullivan at Lothian Children’s Book, add #thescaredpitch to your response!

ALSO! Draw and/or make your own monster to go in the draw to WIN a signed copy of the book PLUS an author visit from Debra Tidball to a Sydney-based classroom of your choice! For more information please head to Debra’s website.

Title: The Scared Book

Author: Debra Tidball

Illustrator: Kim Siew

Publisher: Hachette Lothian Children’s Books

Produced by: © Books On Tour 2017 for Just Write For Kids Australia

18 thoughts to “The Scared Book Kids Craft: Monster Shaker

  • annehelendonnelly

    This is great stuff – love craft!

  • Kaye Baillie

    That monster shaker is adorable! Yesterday I was very scared of the height of my seat at the State Theatre. I had to organise a new seat in the stalls. #thescaredpitch

    • Debra Tidball

      Isn’t it cute?! Oh no! That’s embarrassing 🙂

  • julieannegrassobooks

    Oh my gosh, we have to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once that book arrives, we will be making monsters. I will be sure to post you a pic when done. Fantastic Romi, you rock! #thescaredpitch

    • Just Write For Kids

      Haha! Thanks, Julie! Look forward to seeing your wild creations! 😉

  • Arna Radovich

    Such a cool idea! Wish I’d had one of these to scare away my Wind Monster. #thescaredpitch

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks Arna! They’re so easy to make! And fun too. Look out later for the perfect craft for wind! 😉

    • Debra Tidball

      Thanks Arna 🙂

  • educateempower.blog

    Love this idea! We have the book for review so might start creating!

    • Debra Tidball

      Ooohhh! Lots of fun to be had! Romi has fabulous creative ideas!

  • Kirsten Ealand

    Sometimes my thoughts can seem like monsters. If find if I let the monsters come they aren’t so scary after all)

    • Debra Tidball

      It’s a bit like confronting your fears! Thanks Kirsten 🙂

  • Zoe Gaetjens

    Great idea, love these monster shakers. #thescaredpitch

  • Jennifer Graham

    Another great idea from the talented Romi.
    We made monsters this week in maths…after all this monster talk.
    We made Place Value monsters with MAB (base 10) blocks. The kids loved it. Monsters is such a great theme, as every child can make theirs different. #thescaredpitch

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks Jen! How wonderful to hear you took inspiration from The Scared Book to plan your lessons! Great idea! #thescaredpitch

    • Debra Tidball

      Thanks for the comment, Jen – so pleased we inspired you! Yes, monsters can be so unique – I love how Kim made so many different ones in the book, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the monsters that kids have made for the monster art competition too 🙂


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