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Paper Fan

(For fanning away monster smells!)

What’s the smelliest smell you’ve ever smelt? What did you do when you found the smell? What did your face look like? What kinds of things could you use to take the smell away? Why do you think these monsters left such a yucky smell? Help the book fan it away with your very own paper fan!

Learning Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.
Learning Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.


Craft glue (or sticky tape)
Coloured or patterned paper
2 x lollipop sticks
Blue tak

1. Cut a piece of paper 17cm x 6cm.
2. Place a lollipop stick at the end of the paper and fold it over.
3. Use the fold to make a concertina fold (back and forward) all the way across.

4. Glue or sticky tape the two lollipop sticks at either end within a fold.

5. Roll a small amount of blue tak and stick it on the bottom of one lollipop stick, then place the other lollipop stick on top.

6. You can fold the fan in and out.

7. Now fan away those smelly smells!

Download the printable Paper Fan instructions here.

For more craft and educational activities please visit our The Scared Book Pinterest board.

For your chance to WIN a signed copy of The Scared Book comment below or on social media with your response to “What gives you goosebumps, spine tingles or butterflies in your tummy?”. PLUS, for a chance to PITCH and SUBMIT your picture book manuscript direct to publisher Suzanne O’Sullivan at Lothian Children’s Book, add #thescaredpitch to your response!

ALSO! Draw and/or make your own monster to go in the draw to WIN a signed copy of the book PLUS an author visit from Debra Tidball to a Sydney-based classroom of your choice! For more information please head to Debra’s website.

Title: The Scared Book | Author: Debra Tidball | Illustrator: Kim Siew
Publisher: Hachette Lothian Children’s Books
Produced by: © Books On Tour 2017 for Just Write For Kids Australia

11 thoughts to “The Scared Book Kids Craft: Paper Fan

  • Renee Price

    This. Is. Fabulous! I can’t wait to make this with my fan-obsessed-six-year-old. 😉 Goodbye, smelly monster smells! #thescaredpitch

    • Just Write For Kids

      Perfect! Fan away, little L! 🙂

    • Debra Tidball

      Isn’t it great?! And I love the styling photo too 🙂

  • gemma

    Such a cute craft activity! …. Running late gives me butterflies in the tummy! #thescaredpitch

  • Kaye Baillie

    Another awesome craft item. Walking in the dark gives me the jitters. #thescaredpitch

  • Jennifer Graham

    Such a great activity, and can be used to fan away all your troubles, not just the ‘smelly’ troubles.
    The thing that gives me goosebumps is the split second when you can’t see your child in a crowded place. #thescaredpitch

    • Debra Tidball

      Goosebumps or brick in the tummy for that one?! Thanks Jen.

  • kelliejanebyrnes

    Love your craft activities Deb, such great ideas. Schools all around the country will no doubt be clamouring to have you come and do school visits ASAP!

    • Debra Tidball

      Thanks Kellie, although all credit for these has to go to Romi Sharp – she’s amazing!

      • Just Write For Kids

        Aw shucks! Just having a bit of fun! 🙂


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