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Howzit?! We’re here today to chat with Jacqueline and Charlie all about their unforgettable worldly adventures! What have been Charlie’s favourite moments? Why does Jacqueline see travel as important for not just children, but for everyone? Discover all in the following interview with this dynamic pair! ☺

Jacqueline, Charlie has been on a couple of adventures now. First to Hawaii, and now to South Africa. What got you interested in travel and inspired to introduce Charlie to these worldly journeys?

‘Duke’ – in Hawaii

Jacqueline: My family travels a lot. One of the reasons is because we have all found ourselves living in different parts of the world. We are continuously traveling to visit each other and go on adventures together. My work in international development, also takes me to various destinations but my love of travel really started being around my family.

South Africa and Hawaii are very dear to me. My husband’s family live in South Africa and I have family living in Hawaii. I have been to South Africa and Hawaii a number of times and I knew I wanted Charlie to unearth the beauty of these two destinations first.

Charlie, through his adventures, finds something special wherever he visits. He also begins to see the similarities we all have no matter where we live in the world. I think travel, whether it is overseas or just exploring your community, can introduce you to new perspectives. You begin to form a deep respect for individuals and cultures.

Charlie, what has been the highlight of your travels so far? Any stand out moments, places or significant landmarks that have been meaningful for you?

Charlie: The highlight has been the friendships I have made around the world. I have had lots of fun on the treasure hunts I have been on. I like finding out what is special about each place I visit through the different clues.

Learning new languages and trying new food and activities is also really cool. The Huli, Huli chicken in Hawaii was so yum! Oh, and the gumboot dance in South Africa was really awesome to learn. I love gumboots and I love dancing. It was amazing!

The books are so vividly energetic with colour and movement, hopping from amazing scene to another amazing scene! How did you both feel illustrator Sophie Norsa represented the emotion, life and atmosphere in her paintings?

Jacqueline: Sophie is such an incredible illustrator. We have been a fan of Sophie’s work for some time. We love how she captured the vibrancy of both Hawaii and South Africa through her watercolour illustrations.

She was wonderful to work with. Her illustrations are thoughtful and brings both stories to life in such a dynamic manner.

Charlie: She also made my friends, family and I look really good too! Thanks Sophie.

What was it about South Africa that made you want to visit? What is the biggest lesson or moment you took from visiting the ‘Rainbow Nation’?

Charlie: My mum wanted to visit her friends Lindiwe, Jabulani and their daughter Lesedi. I really wanted to see a lion and visit Table Mountain!

We were very excited to go on an adventure in South Africa.

The biggest lesson or moment from this adventure, was learning why South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation. Like Australia, South Africa is home to people from around the world. All the different cultures are like the different shades of a rainbow. A rainbow is also a symbol of hope and unity, which is really cool.

Coming home I have learnt more about South Africa and the great South African leader Nelson Mandela.

This adventure was lots of fun! I want to keep traveling and learning more about other cultures.

You also learnt some traditional Afrikaans tongue and South African dialect during your travels. Who taught you? Did you speak their linguistics often? What is your favourite word or phrase?

Charlie: Lindiwe, Jabulani and Lesedi taught me. I love learning new languages so they kept sharing new words with me. They were a bit easier to pronounce compared to the words I learnt in Hawaii, although I use the word Mahalo every day. It is one of my favourite words I learnt in Hawaii – it means ‘thank you’. My favourite word I learnt in South Africa is ‘lekker‘! Lekker means good.

What do you hope readers gain from reading Charlie’s Adventures?

Jacqueline: I hope readers gain a deeper appreciation for travel and adventure. I hope these books offer a window to the world, showcasing the beauty in each part.

Fun Question! What is your favourite of the animals in the ‘Big Five’? Why?

Charlie: My favourite animal is the elephant because they are the biggest and strongest land animal! I love their ears and their trunk. One day I hope to go to Asia and see the Asian elephant.

Jacqueline: My favourite animal in the Big Five is the leopard because they can run so fast and climb trees. They are amazing athletes! Leopards are also very solitary and, as an introvert, I can relate to that.


Where are you both off to next? Where will we see Charlie, Sherlock the dog and friends land up in the next few adventures?

Jacqueline: At the end of last year I received the ACT Writers Centre Anne Edgeworth Fellowship which enabled Charlie and I to visit Hawaii and Los Angeles last month. We were able to spend time with our readers who live there.

Charlie: They showed us the aloha spirit. It was such a wonderful trip! A true highlight.

Jacqueline: Mahalo to the ACT Writers Centre and Anne’s family for the opportunity.

Charlie: We have a number of adventures awaiting us. We can’t reveal too much but a trip around Australia, our home, is definitely on the list too.

That’s so exciting! Thanks so much for speaking with us, Jacqueline and Charlie! It’s been a pleasure! 😊


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