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The story of Lola and Grandpa is one that resonates with many, on various and personal levels. It is a special tale of an unbreakable bond between a little girl and her grandfather, which, despite the sad loss, will always be treasured and remembered in her heart. Author Ashling Kwok delves deep into the heart of her book, and its message that inspires hope and comfort and adapting through hard times. Thanks, Ashling, for providing your insightful background story xx

Lola and Grandpa is the story of a little girl who adores her grandpa. They spend their days examining the universe and teaching each other about the world. But one day, Grandpa isn’t there anymore. Lola struggles to deal with the loss. But as time goes by Lola realises that her Grandpa will always be with her – in her heart and in the memories they made.

The idea for the story came from the standing at my parent’s kitchen window watching my dad and daughter stroll around his garden. They would spend endless hours playing and talking about the meaning of life. Then my dad would lift my daughter up into his arms so she could touch the sunflowers and cuddle him tight. Seeing this reminded me of my childhood and the special moments I shared with my dad. It also made me think about how heartbroken we would all be if he was no longer with us.

I hope that Lola and Grandpa reminds readers about how precious the people in our lives are and that we should treasure every moment that we spend with them. I also want readers to know that even though life can be difficult sometimes, if we focus on the positives, we can overcome challenges and maybe even grow from the experience. I hope that Lola and Grandpa resonates with readers as it explores universal themes of love, joy, loss, grief, relationships, and deals with a topic that we can all relate to – the loss of a loved one.

Lola and Grandpa means the world to me because it’s about my dad and my daughter. It reminds me of the precious moments they shared and it’s a keepsake that I will always treasure.

Lola and Grandpa

Illustrations: Yvonne Low


Ashling KwokAshling has been writing for as long as she can remember. She started her career as a journalist and her love of storytelling grew from there. When she’s not dreaming up new ideas or working on her latest manuscript, Ashling enjoys spending time with her family and walking her energetic border collie, Jed. Ashling’s debut picture book is titled ‘Lola and Grandpa’ and she has four more picture books due for release soon.

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  • Norah

    What a very special heirloom to pass down through the generations, keeping the memories of so many alive. Congratulations on a beautiful book, Ashling.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thank you for your beautiful feedback on Ashling’s (and Yvonne’s) book. It truly is a special one to treasure xx


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