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We just adore Avery – a unique character that brings sunshine wherever she goes! Thanks to author Ellie Royce for creating this feisty girl and the hat-tastic adventures she’s taking us on! So, let’s find out why hats play such a big role in this series…

What’s with the hats in this story, Ellie?

That’s a great question. When I was thinking about this story, I wanted something to make my character special, a little quirk that made her different from everyone else.

As I thought about it , I remembered some of sweet little quirks my daughters had when they were small, particularly when my older daughter was about three and she had this kind of 1920s hat she put on and then we had to address her as “ Madame Sari”. She totally became this other character. It was very cute and really, quite interesting.

So, I guess I started wondering about hats. They’re fun and a great way of being creative in expressing ourselves, but they also can have a real  effect on how we’re feeling. Research has been done that shows when people wear certain hats, they do better or worse in test situations. Some athletes wear ‘lucky hats’, for example, golfers when they play a game, and hats can even reduce anxiety for some people, who find they give a sense of security when out and about.

My character Avery collects hats, and believes that they are helpful. She wears certain hats for certain situations and uses the hats to express how she’s feeling, as well as to help her ‘be’ a certain way. Her chefs hat helps Avery make the best cheese and tomato on toast, and her very special gardening hat makes her feel like gardening as well as just bringing joy. Avery even has a ‘thinking‘ cap! Her hats help her navigate the every day challenges that arise in her adventures around her neighbourhood, in her relationship with her best friend Olivia, and life in general.

Later in the series, we’ll see how Avery deals with a scenario where she can’t get a hat to help her- I wonder what she’ll do? (Don’t worry, it all turns out fine!)

So, the hats are also a fun way of introducing how we might show and deal with feelings. In this first story, Avery has to decide whether she wants to give away a very special hat to help a friend, and it’s not easy for her.

How many books will be in the series?

There are five books planned so far, three finished and two still in draft form, but Avery is a feisty, fun little girl, always on the lookout for a new adventure, so there could possibly be more down the track! These books are about family, friendship, community and just plain having fun. Readers who love Billy B Brown and Lulu Bell, Ginger Green and Violet Mackerel will embrace Avery’s world, too. It’s full of kid-friendly, everyday adventures and scenarios that will resonate with younger readers.

Article by Ellie Royce.

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