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“The salt spray tickles my nose and the waves tease my toes and dress my feet in lace socks as we race and chase along the shore.”


Who do you have a special relationship with? What sorts of things do you like to do together? Have you taught each other something amazing?

Have you ever felt the salt spray tickle your nose or waves tease your toes at the beach? How do you think the girl and her Daddy are feeling in the ocean scene? How do the colours in the picture make you feel?

How do you think the little girl felt when her Daddy had to leave? Have you ever felt this way about something or someone going away? What did you remind yourself of to make yourself feel better?


Explore some of the language conventions and literal meanings using the text from When the Moon is a Smile as above…

Rhyming Words

Think of other rhyming words to go with: nose / toes,

race  / chase

Creative Writing – 

Using the rhyming words you brainstormed, write a short poem (Haiku, Acrostic, Free Verse, etc) on a topic of your choice.

Descriptive Phrases –

Discuss the meanings of the following phrases: ‘the waves tease my toes’,

                                                                                     ‘dress my feet in lace socks

Write your own phrase about something you enjoy and draw a picture to match.

Visual Literacy –

Look at the picture to help you interpret the following phrase: ‘we race and chase along the shore

What does this part of the text combined with the picture tell you about the relationship between the girl and her daddy? Write down some emotion words that might describe how the characters felt in the illustration.


Visual Art

Remember the video by Amy Calautti – what kind of media does she use? Do you think watercolour paint was a good choice for this image? Why? Paint your own ‘fluid’ picture using watercolours. Include an aspect that shows a fun-loving relationship.


Science Exploration

Explore another part of the story, such as the phases of the moon page. Keep a moon journal by taking a snapshot or drawing the shape of the moon each night for two weeks. What do you notice about the changes? Can you predict how the moon will look the next night? Which one looks like a smile to you?

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