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Clothesline Craft Card and Exploring the Senses 

Follow your reading of and conversation about Who Dresses God? with a fun and meaningful activity to compliment your literary and philosophical experience.


What sorts of things do you need to be happy? What sorts of things do you think this world needs to be happy? What are most important?

What are some of the beautiful things that God created?

Who or what are you thankful for? Who do you appreciate having in your life?

Sense Awareness Exercises (courtesy of Teena Raffa-Mulligan):

1. Close your eyes. What do you see? How does it feel? Cover your ears. What can you hear? Close your lips and cover your mouth. Can you speak? How does it feel?

2. Go outdoors to a nature area, like park, bushland or seashore. Stand perfectly still. Look around you. What do you see? Listen. What do you hear? Try this again with covered eyes and ears. How much of the world are you aware of now?

3. Imagine you have the power to create your own world and everything in it. How would it look and how would things work? Write a description or draw a picture of your world.

Craft Time! Make a clothesline card for someone special.


White paper or card stock

Watercolour paints, water and paintbrush

Patterned or coloured paper

Small Craft pegs

Piece of string

Black felt tip pen / marker


Sticky tape



1. Fold your white paper or card stock in half to make a card. Begin painting your background with watercolours (we used watercolours to replicate the feel of the illustrations in the book). Allow to dry.

2. Draw and cut out your little clothes shapes on the patterned paper. Add extra details with your black marker.

3. Draw two poles on either side of your painting for the clothesline. Measure and cut your string to size (leave a little lag) and stick each end to the poles.

4. Use your tiny pegs to hang each item of clothing on the string. Cute as a button!

5. Add details to the front of the card, such as title, birds or beetles. Write a special message inside the card. It might be a Thank You to someone special, or maybe a poem for God or about the beautiful world we live in. It’s your choice!

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