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We’re taking Sonia Bestulic‘s return to Just Write For Kids as a symbolic gesture of love, and Sonia, we are returning it in bunches! It’s always a pleasure to take solace in your wisdom and inspirations. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story on Kisses in Your Heart with us! x

Sonia, congratulations on your latest release, Kisses in Your Heart! Such a beautifully heart-warming and soul soothing story. Did you feel the same way writing it as it feels when reading it?

Absolutely. I’d describe it as almost a therapeutic experience. I felt like I was in my super maternal stage when all three kids were so little; and I had so much I wanted to express and communicate to them; and the words (and actions) of Kisses in Your Heart did exactly that.

The extension to the bedtime routine of me placing kisses in their hearts, was that my children then began placing their kisses in my heart; and that just took things symbolically to another level.

Is the sentiment, ‘…gently make a start, feeling the kisses in my heart…’ one that you offered your own children or children you work with? Where did this come from?

This came from an offering with my own children; as I placed kisses in their heart with my hand, I would tell them ‘you carry mum’s love with you everywhere you go’; and then we would describe that feeling using words.

How do you hope this book will reach children, particularly those with some insecurities about their place in the world?

I really hope it will be a tool of self-empowerment for children. That knowing, that you have something inside you – love – that you can draw upon for strength – at ANY time. That is powerful.

I had a touching moment with my daughter; who does drama lessons; (she is far from having the personality of an outgoing, extroverted drama student!) – and she said to me one day after lessons. “Mum I was worried about going up on stage to say my lines, but then I remembered the kisses in my heart, and I was okay”. That was a big moment for me when I just thought “wow – that is exactly it – you got it!”

How do you think Kisses in Your Heart will help parents, caregivers, educators and specialists with various concepts and themes in mind?

I think it will be invaluable in communicating a very practical, ready to implement strategy that facilitates self-empowerment, and can start a discussion on ways to regulate and manage emotions too. It is a lovely introduction too to self-awareness; where children can start to be more mindful or observant of how they manage their emotions; and discover what works for them best.  It certainly offers a lot to those educators and specialists who do develop/ promote wellbeing within the paediatric population.

Collaborating again with Nancy Bevington (Reece, Give Me Some Peace!) must have been like a dream! Her adorable illustrations certainly portray a dream-like quality. What was the process like this time around? Any outstanding moments that took you by surprise, or illustrations that you absolutely fell in love with?

Nancy Bevington is one talented lady, with whom I feel privileged to have worked with. She seems to just “get me” through my words and described visions of characters and sentiment. The process this time around was just as easy as the first time I worked with her. I totally fell in love with the little girl main character of the story – she is just adorable and perfect.

What are your strategies, as an author, for when you feel uncertain or overwhelmed that you could offer other writers with the same apprehension?

I think it is a balance between expressing yourself to a trusted person who you feel understands you; and knowing how to give yourself space to reflect, take a step back, reconnect with yourself and become an observer, to regain some perspective. This may occur in various ways – spending quality time “in the moment” with loved ones, taking a walk in nature; sitting by the ocean; unplugging from the online world. Over and above everything else – being kind to yourself and having a positive belief in yourself will always serve you well.

Any news or upcoming projects you could share with us?

As you know I have a podcast Chatabout Children with Sonia Bestulic; which is a fortnightly show that chats about all things children. As part of my programming schedule, I have wanted to periodically feature Children’s Authors; and so in June – I will be releasing my first “Spotlight on Children’s Book Author” episode! So it would be fantastic to have some support from writer’s, authors, teacher librarians etc. by subscribing to the podcast (in iTunes) and listening to the interview with the featured Author!

And besides that – right now – I do have to just get my skates on and start submitting other children picture book manuscripts I have written!


Thank you so much for the wonderful interview, Sonia! 😊

Kisses in Your Heart: Big Sky Publishing


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