I thought the beginning of the year was an apt time to put together a visual writer’s action matrix for those who want to progress on their writing path this year. These are all actions that have progressed my writing, my understanding of the industry and my sense of belonging to a supportive community of writers, which in turn has enhanced both my writing and understanding!

Try to get through all the actions by the end of the year – you might even manage several of some actions. I’d love to hear how you go!

Would you add any other actions? What have you found helpful?



#1  like Buzz Words and Pass it On (for a fee) and/or from ASA (Australian Society of Authors) or writer’s centres; also various websites eg Just Write for Kids (subscribe to this blog), Creative Kids Tales etc. You can also subscribe to various blogs for writers eg JWFK’s very own Melissa has a great blog with lots of handy hints in easily digestible portions  at Melissa Writes. In fact all of the JWFK bloggers have their own website blogs  – check them out!

#2 like the Just Write For Kids Facebook groups; Creative kids Tales; writer’s groups from Writer’s Centres; CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) see my post about the CBCA here; SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

#3 find out about these in the industry newsletters or from the Just Write For kids facebook group (ask to join); JWFK facebook page ; and this website.

#4 attend a workshop either online or in person  – always a plethora to choose from in the industry newsletters

#5 this is a great way to support others and learn about the creation of their book, as well as establish contacts and get ideas for your book launch – plus its lots of fun!

#6 I read recently that the more reviews Amazon gets for a book, it advances in the advertising matrix – so the more chance it will get seen and (hopefully) bought. This is a great and easy way to support authors/illustrators. Review everywhere – Amazon, Goodreads, your blog etc etc.

#7 find these in industry newsletters, facebook groups etc.

#8 be guest blogger for Just Write For Kids or other websites, contribute an article to Buzz Words and you might even get paid! It puts your name out there and people start to get to know you.

Many of these activities inherently encourage others, and using social media to tweet, re-tweet, post and Instagram about the books that you love and the people who create them is always encouraging.



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