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We’re heading down to Verityville to find out more about the characters and their delightful, passionate and talented author, Elizabeth Mary Cummings. We recently celebrated the release of Elizabeth’s new picture book, Rain Shaker, which you can revisit here. Writing from a child’s perspective, Elizabeth takes on a fresh way of seeing the world and the roles of others in it. Her Verityville series acts as a link to engaging children in literature with real life topics and reinforcing that ‘fresh perspective’, activism and appreciation for the value of our environment and society. Join us in learning more about Elizabeth’s inspirations and motivations, and her lively Verityville books (illustrated by Johanna Roberts).

Where do your ideas come from?

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Are you a plotter or a pantser?

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What is your interesting writing quirk?

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How did you learn about the craft of writing?

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Some of your other independent books…

I have a psychology background (my undergraduate degree was psychology and business studies), so I have always been fascinated with the psychological aspect of life – my first book was The Disappearing Sister – a sibling’s account of anorexia nervosa (2015) and more recently I have published another picture book on mental health for children titled The Very Bad Thing – a narrative about trauma and survival.

My newest independent release is Amazing Hands, a non-fiction STEM book about hands – what they do, where they go and how they come into contact with germs. Essentially it is a book to help children understand why hand washing and hygienic practices are important and how they can be in control of their personal hygiene without instilling fear about disease.



Show us all of your Verityville titles!





In case you missed it… The advert trailer of the lively picture book series, Verityville

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