You have already achieved the most extraordinary thing – you have written AND illustrated your own picture book. You finally have that perfect gem!

Did you know over 80% of Americans want to write a book? Did you now over 150,000 titles were added last month to Amazon? It is a challenge now to let other people know your book is ready to fall into their eager hands.

If you want to generate an income from your book, you can do these simple things to help sales:

  1. Pick which format (eBook or print) and confirm the file extension by searching your own website or the Amazon sites for your book.
  2. Copy this url LINK
  3. Determine a ‘call to action’ – for example ‘Down load your copy today’ or ‘Buy a print copy and I would love to sign it for you’ or ‘The 100th share and I will give you a copy…
  4. Share this LINK with your world, along with the image of the book cover
    • by posting it on FACEBOOK
    • emailing the LINK
    • instagram the LINK
  5. Or use your book cover as an image on a postcard and send an invitation to purchase your book to EVERYONE – the old fashioned snail mail!
  6. Make and copy a book mark, with your book cover and a ‘call to action’
  7. You geo local bookstore will often have a  ‘local author’ section! They happily stock the books on commission.
  8. Design and make your own flyer and include a headshot photo of yourself and write about you as the author – which is an awesome way to promote your books, especially if you have a number of titles! Take this everywhere you offer to read your book!
  9. For example – to the local library and offer to read the book to children in the school holidays.
  10. Or, finally, offer to read the book to the kindergarten at your children’s school – after all, this was where the whole journey possibly started!


Have fun!

Kate receiving 'The Lost Calf' (1) copy



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