Promoting Creativity… one mouthful at a time

Interview with Emma Ellice-Flint (Nutritionist) Emma is a nutritionist and a former chef and as passionate as we are about empowering children through story, Emma is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through nutrition and natural medicine. Emma welcomes and treats patients with all conditions but digestive wellness and hormone balance are topics READ MORE

#InterviewByTheme with Emma Mactaggart

Enjoy the wicked sense of humour of Emma Mactaggart in our Comedy themed interview! I’m deliriously happy you could join us, Emma! 😂 🌟 What is the funniest book you’ve ever read? Would you believe it was a book by Nick Earls “Perfect Skin”. I was breastfeeding my third child at the time, was so deliriously READ MORE

International Read to Me! Day March 19th

Guest Post by Jill Borgiss and Emma Mactaggart Jill Borgiss from Inside Change spoke to Emma Mactaggart from Boogie Books about her important new initiative in supporting our children’s levels of literacy. Here’s what they had to say. ‘It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a child to inspire a village’ READ MORE

A Day in the life of… a publisher

Today I was feeling a tad overwhelmed. Despite being a publisher for ten years, my first love is writing, and this means I am easily distracted. It is the process of creation I enjoy, rather than the necessity of maintenance! The antidote to this antipathy: I wrote a list. (If you were curious, even if only READ MORE

Five totally awesome things to include when writing your story

Theme – children’s picture books have one strong theme. This is one insight or concept or viewpoint. Keep it positive, especially if a social problem as you want your reader to know how to deal with it. Plot – conflict involving the main character. This conflict can be internal or external and it needs to READ MORE

Where DO ideas come from? Tips for kids…

And tips for adults searching for their inner child! ‘I just can’t think of a good idea…’ I want to tell you right now, you have thousands of ideas already in your head and it just a matter of letting them land on the piece of paper in front of you! You are looking at me, pleading READ MORE

10 tips for getting the books out of the garage!

You have already achieved the most extraordinary thing – you have written AND illustrated your own picture book. You finally have that perfect gem! Did you know over 80% of Americans want to write a book? Did you now over 150,000 titles were added last month to Amazon? It is a challenge now to let READ MORE

You have the right to see your words in print! Step Ten…

10. Print and Perform The words and the pictures are done. You know the output – eBook and or print – and you have already put a great deal of thought into your book launch and hopefully, beyond. Printing a book is a stage requiring your focus for a moment. The single determinant is your READ MORE

You have the right to see your words in print! Step Nine

9. Illustrate I know I could illustrate a book if I chose to! Confidence for this comes from understanding that everyone can draw. Everyone. It is a universal skill and it is learnt. Those who are amazing illustrators do one thing I don’t – practice, practice, practice. For this reason alone, I now outsource and READ MORE

You have the right to see your words in print! Step Eight

8. Design You are on your road to being a published author, and the best way of processing your ‘to do’ list from this point on is to think like a publisher. Determine in advance how you wish your book to present in the market place. Is it just an eBook on Amazon? Is it READ MORE