imageEnjoy the wicked sense of humour of Emma Mactaggart in our Comedy themed interview! I’m deliriously happy you could join us, Emma! 😂 🌟

What is the funniest book you’ve ever read?

Would you believe it was a book by Nick Earls “Perfect Skin”.
I was breastfeeding my third child at the time, was so deliriously tired and wickedly delighted by a scene in which a single male gets caught in a bathroom with his date’s cat… it was laugh out loud material – exacerbated by the fact I was sitting in a café reading, and I startled the ladies on the table next to me with my choking laughter! Coffee went everywhere and it became equally hilarious for them as I felt compelled to explain the scene!

What is it about writing for children that makes you happy?

It is the simple joy of playing again, playing with words, images, and folding them together to create magic.

Which author’s or illustrator’s sense of humour do you enjoy? Why?

I absolutely adore the work of Peter Carnavas and Nick Bland.
Given they assume the roles of both writer and illustrator, they tell a comprehensive story. Their work ‘feels’ right and it is as though their books are on steroids, because all the emotions evoked from the words are MASSIVE because of the illustrations.

What has been your funniest moment as an author?

Ha! For me or the audience! I was facilitating a workshop and I was talking about left and right pages, vecto (left) and recto (right) and with my left hand, I posed my fingers in an L shape. As I held up my hand high to emphasise the point, I heard from the back of the classroom, in a dry, cynical tone ‘Looser!’ Never again!

Which of your own or other book character would you want to meet in person? Why?

imageLily, from ‘Lily Fabourama Glamourama’ has so much spirit and courage and I Love that she doesn’t give up. Behind every successful child, there is always a village though – and in Lily’s case – a lovely mother and a gorgeous grandmother!

What writing advice would you NEVER give to aspiring writers?

‘The great thing about writing a book is that it doesn’t take much of your time or energy, nor does it require an ability to constantly call on your sense of humour. After all, if you are a writer, you don’t have to do a single thing other than write!’

Thanks, Emma! You’re totally delightful! 🐞 🌺

Thank you Romi – this was a wonderful thing to do to end the day!

imageEmma shares more ‘useful’ information as a panelist at the University of Southern Queensland’s annual Writers’ Festival here, and provides industry gos’ and book reviews regularly for Belinda Sanders (click here). She has also been a really fabulous mentor (her words, not Jo’s!) to Jo-Ann Capp as they collaborated on Jo’s memoir ‘Four Hot Chips’ (see Facebook page). 

imageEmma can also be found at her Child Writes website, Facebook page and her wonderful initiative, International Read To Me Day can be visited here. Boogie Books is listed in the Just Kids’ Lit Directory at this link. Finally, check out the fabulous Child Writes Competition for kids in the right sidebar of this blog!


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