Just Write a For Kids are thrilled to welcome back resilience and anti-bullying author expert, Karen Tyrrell! Her current blog tour includes the sequel to the fabulous Song Bird Superhero; introducing the ‘un-bee-lieveable’ The Battle of Bug World!


Song Bird: The Battle of Bug World, Karen Tyrrell (author), Digital Future Press, 2017

Synopsis: A superstorm destroys Rosella Ava Bird’s flower garden. All the bees are disappearing. A giant sinkhole cracks open beneath Rosie’s school bus, and mysterious voices rise up from the depths. A tornado blasts the house of Frank, Rosie’s sinister next-door neighbour, threatening Rosie’s family. And Rosie’s sister, Raven, has gone missing. Should Rosie lead a mission into Bug World to rescue Raven?
Or stay home and save her family?

Karen Tyrrell’s Song Bird: The Battle of Bug World is the second in the author’s eco-fantasy Song Bird series. While the latest installment can easily be read alone by readers new to the adventure series, those wanting to get a thorough understanding of the characters and their histories and relationships would be advised to read book one, Song Bird Superhero, first.

In The Battle of Bug World, we see main character Rosie, aka the heroic, villain-fighting Song Bird, heading to Bug World to try and save her sister and put a stop to the eco-terrorist activities of her dastardly next-door neighbour, Frank Furter. As you can tell from the name of this nemesis, there are plenty of fun comedic moments throughout the story. Another great one is the name of the car driven by Rosie’s dad: the “Pink Stink”!

A big part of the appeal of this series, apart from the continual action that will keep readers entertained, is that Rosie is not only a child, but also has to believe in herself to make her superpowers work. This makes her a great role model for young readers, and gives them plenty to relate to. While the first book explored Rosie’s discovery of her ability to fly once she sings with all her might, this novel sees Rosie developing new powers, and having to struggle to make her abilities work at many times.

Thankfully, Rosie has two best friends who always have her back and will be there to help her defeat the “baddies”. Ben, who has a stutter and gets teased for it, is a loyal companion and always willing to stick up for his friends. Amy is a wheelchair-bound tech and engineering genius who doesn’t let her disability stop her. She comes up with all sorts of cool inventions to make her chair faster, more versatile, and weaponised, and is as brave as Rosie.

Apart from the lovely themes of friendship, determination, personal power, and the importance of compassion and self-belief in the book, The Battle of Bug World also examines global warming issues. In particular, the novel stresses the importance of protecting the environment and the need the world has for bees. Kids will also learn about things like weather patterns, recycling, and the health benefits of honey.

Tyrrell has further tied in to the curriculum with regards to Amy’s scientific developments, with gizmos such as solar panels to turbo-charge her wheelchair, wheels that inflate to give her extra height, rotors that turn her chair into a flying drone, and more.

The book is suitable for children aged around eight years and up.

A copy of this novel was provided by the author in return for an honest review.

Review by Kellie Byrnes.


Karen Tyrrell launches her new release The Battle of Bug World, children’s fun-filled eco fantasy.

Can Song Bird STOP the bully, save her sister, the bees and the environment?

Look what’s happening to celebrate the Amazon release of The Battle of Bug World.


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15 thoughts to “A New Eco-Fantasy Adventure from Karen Tyrrell

  • karenwrites19

    I’m BUZZED!
    Thanks Kellie and Just Write for Kids for this un-BEElievable sweet review of The Battle of Bug World. Can’t BEE-lieve you really “get” my story for kids and the characters. Thanks so much, Karen Tyrrell x

    • Kellie Byrnes

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your book Karen. Best of luck with the launch! Kellie

      • karenwrites19

        Thanks Kellie, Just loved your review … Karen 🙂

    • Verity

      Such a great adventure for children to immerse themselves in and learn the value of friendship​, and care for themselves and the world around​ them!

  • James A. Howenstein

    James A. Howenstein 06/26/2017

    • karenwrites19

      Thanks James for leaving your name to register in the Book, art and assessment competition. Good luck . Winners announced on 7th July.

  • lambentdelightara

    I am excited to read the new adventure of the girls. And that there seems to be so much at stake in this one also is intriguing and exciting. Congratulations Karen. I hope many, many children have the opportunity to read this great story. SB2(:) )

  • FollowThatChild

    Jam packed with learning opportunities and so much fun the children will love it!

    • karenwrites19

      Thanks Lucy for leaving a comment. I knew you would. Lol
      Karen 🙂
      PS Remember the more comments you leave, the greater your chance of winning

  • kara lexx

    an exciting adventure jam packed full of great things. Well done Karen and Ava and Co!

    • karenwrites19

      Hey Kara, I’m thrilled with your kind words of support. cheers, Karen x

  • Wenda Shurety

    Congratulations Karen! Looking forward to reading this story!

    • karenwrites19

      Thanks so much Wenda for your enthusiasm for reading The Battle of Bug World !!!

  • Norah Colvin

    Great review and synopsis of a fun and uplifting book to read. Way to go, Karen!

    • karenwrites19

      Thanks Norah for checking out Kellie’s review on Just Write For Kids. Thanks again for your awesome support x


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