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 🌺 Red Poppies to Remember 🌺

‘In Flanders’ Fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row…’

‘Poppies are a symbol of remembrance and respect across the world. They commemorate those who gave their lives in war. Poppies grew wild on the battlefields of France and Belgium, and at Gallipoli. They also grew in the cemeteries where wooden crosses marked the graves of those who died.’

Allison Paterson, Australia Remembers, pg.38.


What do you know about World War 1? When was it? Who was the conflict between? Why were they fighting? What do you know about Remembrance Day?

Discuss the poem, ‘In Flanders’ Fields’ (Australia Remembers pg.39). How does it make you feel? What does ‘To you from failing hands we throw, The torch; be yours to hold it high.’ mean to you?

Why do you think it is tradition to wear a poppy flower on Armistice Day (Remembrance Day)?

What other symbol could the red poppy stand for?

What are your thoughts on what the soldiers did for our country?

In what ways can we pay respect and gratitude to those who lost their lives at war?



History | Civics and Citizenship | English | Arts

To connect, reflect and show empathy for the fallen soldiers, as well as ex-servicemen, war widows and their children.

To understand the symbolic reason for wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day and Anzac Day.

Practise and utilise fine motor skills in tracing, cutting, threading and pasting.

Ages: 5+



Australia Remembers instructions, including templates pg.62

Red paper – tissue paper

Black paper

A pipe cleaner (green or a colour of your choice)






1. Trace two poppy shapes onto your red tissue paper.

2. Cut out the poppy shapes.

3. Cut a small black circle the size shown in the book.

4. Make a small hole in the centre of each poppy shape.

5. Bend the end of your pipe cleaner about 2cm from the end.

6. Thread the poppy shapes onto the end. Overlap them at different angles.

7. Bend the pipe cleaner end down, and glue the black circle into the centre.


^ Poppy the puppy supporting poppy-making and Australia Remembers.

You might also like to create your own poppy wreath with many poppies arranged around a paper plate. See Australia Remembers pg.64 for instructions.

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For more fantastic teaching notes for Australia Remembers please head to Big Sky Publishing.


Allison Paterson shares further insights into the development of Australia Remembers in this interview over at Boomerang Books. What an honour! 

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  • Norah

    A perfect activity for Remembrance Day.

    • Just Write For Kids

      And so simple with such great significance!

      • Norah

        And a great way of beginning discussion of the significance with children.


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