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Author Article by Sonia Bestulic 

So, how was Reece Give Me Some Peace informed by her personal and professional life? Sonia spills all in this insightful article on how her book came into being. 👦🏼🥁🎻🎺🤦🏼‍♀️

Reece Give Me Some Peace is a musically entwined book, very much inspired by the period of my life I was in, with three children aged 2, 3 and 4 years old at the time. It was a very hectic time, with what seemed like endless activity always going on! Moments of peace and rest were far and few between, but such was life with a young family and children so close in age!

On weekends when my husband was home, I would use the children’s common nap time as my time out. I would often to go for a walk, or settle in at the local café with a hot cup of tea, my writing pad, and a slice of something sweet – I am pretty sure I recollect a generous piece of New York cheesecake was my companion when I began the first draft of Reece Give Me Some Peace!

The book enjoys a musical theme, inspired also by having played the violin in my childhood to late teens. My violin practice sessions at home were not always appreciated by my siblings mind you, but I did love the performances, some of which were at the Sydney Opera House!

In addition to motherhood and music, my writing of this book is also very much informed by my professional background as a Speech & Language Pathologist. I have worked with countless children on their speech and language development, as well as their learning, getting children ready to read, spell and write. So often I discuss the power of learning through play and exploration; and within my writing, there are features that stimulate those early skills needed to help children learn literacy such as rhythm, rhyme, repetition and alliteration. I consider my young children to be my live-in reviewers, so they were the first to hear the story of Reece Give Me Some Peace!  and they absolutely loved it. I knew it was a winner!

Reece Give Me Some Peace is a very fun and engaging book, starring a cheeky relatable young boy named Reece, who loves making noise (err; well he would call it music!) Children can easily connect with Reece, who loves exploring his environment and just having a good ole play! Parents too can connect with Reece’s mother as she attempts to get some peace in the ever increasing noisy household. Children and adults alike will love joining in making sounds and telling the story!

Being a Children’s Author has felt like a natural extension of my personal and professional life, as it beautifully encompasses my passion for gifting children with the power of communication; and in the early years of life, communication is developed through connection, interaction and opportunity to hear and use language in various ways – so what better way to impart this than through sharing a book!

Sonia: website | Chatabout Children

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