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Australia Remembers: Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and War Memorials, Allison Paterson (author), Big Sky Publishing, October 2018.




Every year there are special days when we remember all those who have fought in the past to keep Australia free and those who still fight today to keep us safe. On 25 April — Anzac Day — and on 11 November — Remembrance Day — we stop to think about those people and how much they have done for us. Anzac Day reminds us that, as Australians, we are proud of the Anzac spirit which has helped shape our traditions, our culture, and who we are. On Remembrance Day we honour all those who gave up so much for their country, especially those who lost their lives.

Australia Remembers presents a detailed explanation of the origins and traditions of Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, exploring both their connections and significance to young Australians today. The colourful traditions and symbols of these special days are described in language that is easily accessible to younger readers, helping them to understand what these mean and how important it is to remember those Australians who have fought for their country and those who keep us safe today. Australia Remembers is designed to ensure that the next generation shares the history and traditions of these important occasions.


I have read and reviewed, and utilised as a teaching tool, quite a few Anzac and War picture books for primary school aged children. Many of them cleverly presented with a mix of fiction and non-fiction to engage even the most war-disinterested student. But I have to say, the pure informational text with colour, variety, well-designed layout and age-appropriateness of Australia Remembers truly stands out like one of the tallest poppies in its field (without being at all pretentious).

The book services all your wartime needs being filled with an assortment of quality photographs – old and new – taken all over the world and in representation of the facts and commemorative traditions honoured today. It beautifully and completely fulfills manageable and easy-on-the-eye spreads covering a blend of information boxes, pop-up ‘did you know’-type bubbles, illustrative posters and reflective quotes from children and service personnel.

Allison Paterson, as former teacher-librarian, caters perfectly to her audience of younger readers from age six, as well as the older ones able to independently explore and research the areas of interest. But moreover, her valuable resource effectively connects the symbols and significance of Anzac Day and Remembrance Day to our youngest generation who will, no doubt, carry on the tribute to those who so bravely fought for our country and showed us what it means to be true heroes and proud to be Australian.

And the proof is in the Anzac biscuits – the testing of the pages on my own primary school aged children showed to engage their interest in many unknown aspects of war and traditions. What really stood out to my eight-year-old was how true the meaning of ‘the lucky country’ is, and she noticed a deep effect the book had on her understanding of what those soldiers sacrificed for their nation. She reflected on our own tradition of making poppy flowers each year and its significance to the battlefields. The cleverly inserted activities at the end of Australia Remembers further inspired both my children to explore the meanings behind the symbolic tasks.

Australia Remembers is an important tool for reflection, empathy, and connection, presented in an enticing format. Tribute goes to author Allison Paterson for her outstanding research and representation of a time in history that is always to be remembered, and honoured. The essential information guide to Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and War Memorials for children of all ages.

Review by Romi Sharp.

Allison Paterson: website | facebook | Instagram

Australia Remembers: Big Sky Publishing | Boomerang Books


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